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A Comprehensive Guide For Invoice Processing Solution

The invoice of automation technologies is commonly used in businesses to pay supplier bills quickly and efficiently. However, it also improves the process of entire payable accounts.

It collects all the data from invoices, enters it into the accounting software. Moreover, it provides the routes invoices and payments for clearance and then publishes the payment to the accounting system. Optical character recognition (OCR), auto-fill technologies, and automated processes are commonly used in invoice processing solution.

Invoice processing is also playing an essential role in maintaining cash moving through your business. Principal provides a fully automated solution to assist you in meeting all of your invoice processing difficulties, allowing you to concentrate on your main business. We can effortlessly connect an effective solution into your existing Systems and give continuing personalized support using our significant knowledge.

Why Should You Instantly Invest In Automated Invoice Processing?

Now, are you thinking why you should invest in automated invoice processing? Okay, let me explain to you! All the parts of traditional invoice processing need some accounts with a payable team that receives paper bills, enters data from invoices into ledgers, physically obtains approval from appropriate managers, writes checks, stuffing envelopes, and physically sends payments to suppliers.

When it is used correctly, an automation system can reduce the price of processing an invoice by up to 80% compared to traditional AP processing.

What Things Should You Consider When Choosing an Automated Invoice Processing System?

1.    User-Friendly

It is an easy-to-use software that is essential for a successful setup and will improve your accounting team’s engagement.

2.    Accounting Interactions

It’s important to improve efficiency and accuracy and be able to control invoice processing simply from your primary accounting system.

3.    Costing

When selecting a software solution, businesses must create a ratio between affordability and product strength. The proper solution will immediately pay for itself.

4.    Support

Businesses may select a software provider with such a track record of delivering excellent service.

5.    Features to Avoid Fraud

Payments fraud is a rising issue in multiple industries. Thus it’s essential to choose a solution that contains fraud prevention capabilities.

Do you have to deal with such issues in your business?

●    Costs are really high

Invoice processing by hand is inefficient, costly, and likely to fail. According to research, processing an invoice costs on average £15 and takes 10 days. Most of the accounts payable time is spent on data entry, and 20% of bills are paid late, resulting in financial penalties.

●    Inefficiency and low productivity

Invoice processing that is slow and inefficient is costly. Lost papers increase the chance of errors and can be time demanding (resolving differences, handling complaints, and responding to supplier questions) and harmful to supplier relationships, resulting in a slower procurement.

●    Weak compliance

It is necessary to collect and verify the invoice data to give a guarantee and has already been captured properly. Data must be safely archived when maintaining and preventing fraud, which can be costly with large paper documents.

●    Improper supervision

Maintaining optimal cash flow is hard without effective control over the invoice process – financial liabilities are unclear, and reliable planning is significantly affected. It is also difficult to assure efficiency unless one can easily analyze process capability.

The Best Solution

The Invoice Processing Solution from Main optimizes the receiving, verification, and approval of invoices, allowing you to process invoices up to 50% faster. Invoices are processed swiftly, efficiently, and automatically, from invoice scan to archive. Before being forwarded for authorization, errors are detected, and bills are connected to purchase orders and goods receipt, while reporting tools provide you control.

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