A Guide for Beginners to choosing a Bitcoin exchange

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A Guide for Beginners to choosing a Bitcoin exchange 1

Just like the stock exchange, there is a Bitcoin exchange, and just like the stock exchange deals with transactions related to stocks, a Bitcoin exchange deals with the exchange, sale, and purchase of Bitcoin Mining and other cryptocurrencies.


The word Bitcoin has become synonymous with cryptocurrency because Bitcoin was the first-made cryptocurrency to be launched. Eventually, as more cryptocurrencies emerged, the term Bitcoin became synonymous with it.But, you need to get clear about one thing before you delve deeper into the tips to choose the right exchangeBitcoins do not equal cryptocurrency. A Bitcoin is actually a cryptocurrency like many other cryptocurrencies.

Therefore, the word Bitcoin exchange is not limited to a platform exclusively for exchange in Bitcoins but all cryptocurrencies in general.

What is exactly a bitcoin exchange?

Now let us first understand what a Bitcoin exchange is. A Bitcoin exchange or cryptocurrency is a virtual platform where the purchase and sale, transfers, and exchange of Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies take place. It is a virtual place for the buyers and sellers of cryptocurrencies to meet and trade Bitcoins.Bitcoin exchanges play a huge role in Bitcoin trading, and without them, the trading procedure that is so smooth right now would otherwise feel tedious and haywire.

Bitcoin exchanges are a suitable place for Bitcoin trading because the platform makes it easy to buy and sell Bitcoins. You do not need to wander trying to find customers or sellers. Moreover, you can simply sell your Bitcoins or transfer them to someone else quickly in a hassle-free manner.

Things to focus on while choosing a Bitcoin exchange:

Here we providea list of notes to help you for choosing the most appropriate Bitcoin exchange.

  1. Make sure that the Bitcoin exchange is authentic- One of the key components to keep in mind before choosing a Bitcoin exchange is ensuring that the exchange you are using is completely authentic. Checking the authenticity means ensuring that the exchange is a legitimate platform, established formally, and is run by professionals who know what they are doing. They should not be running a scam. Also, before choosing a Bitcoin exchange, ensure that you read their rules and regulations of service.  You don’t want to put your money in an exchange and then realize later that it was a fraud and you just lost all your hard-earned income.
  1. Ensure the exchange is secure and safe- Another important thing to check while choosing a Bitcoin exchange is checking its security features and measures. If the exchange platform does not follow proper security measures, your cryptocurrencies will be at risk. It will be easy for hackers and other thieves to steal your money. Therefore, it is recommended to get a Bitcoin exchange with at least two-factor authentication. There must be two distinct keys, a private key and a public key for reaching out to your bitcoin holdings.
  1. Do not lose money in transactions- Several Bitcoin exchanges charge money in the name of transaction fees. You have to pay these transaction fees every time. Sometimes it even means paying fees when you are receiving a payment. Some exchange platforms charge huge amounts as transaction fees. Do not sign up for such exchanges. Do your research first.  Once you are satisfied then sign up for a genuine Bitcoin exchange. An exchange that charges less amount, so you do not keep losing additional money every time you make a transaction on the platform.
  1. Security on your payment details- Users need to link their bank accounts, bank details, and other card details as well to their Bitcoin exchange platform. In some cases, Bitcoins exchanges keep records of their users’ payment details as well. Apart from this, also check if they store your payment details or not. IF they do, go through their past security records and see if they have ever faced a security lapse or security issues because if they have a history of being hacked, they are put not only your Bitcoins in danger but also other accounts connected with them.

Cryptocurrencies are subject to market risk, and therefore, it is advisable to read all terms and conditions and policy-related documents before signing up for use. You can use the Bitcoin Era to make safe and secure transactions and trade conveniently as well as securely.

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