A new era of EdTech – don’t grind at classes, learn by real-life tasks

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A new era of EdTech - don't grind at classes, learn by real-life tasks 1

A couple of decades ago technology started revolutionizing the face of the education system. From traditional classroom training we saw a gradual shift in online classes. And rightfully so! After all online learning enables a student to take up any course of their liking from absolutely anywhere in the world! It extended boundaries and opened up a new world of possibilities.


In addition to that, several studies have pointed out that a large chunk (80% engineers) of graduates are unemployable due to the lack of skills. One of the key reasons that was started is the redundant syllabus. EdTech takes care of this problem with its carefully designed courses that give a real life experience to the students. 

As per the Class Central report in 2020 over 2.8K courses were added to the online course market. And this is expected to shoot up to 16.3K

A new era of EdTech - don't grind at classes, learn by real-life tasks 2

A class center study shows that the coronavirus pandemic also had a major role to play in the rise in online course learners. If you look at the data, the three major players enrolled the same number of students in April 2020 as they did in the whole of 2019.

A new era of EdTech - don't grind at classes, learn by real-life tasks 3

We’ve all seen the advances in technology, and educational technology is no different. What started off as pre-recorded on screen content has advanced to a far more interactive and engaging space.

This new wave of change in the education system combines all the great learnings of classroom experience and delivers to the user an exceptional product that has proven to enhance their skill and learning experience.

A New Era of EdTech

While the older EdTech model concentrated mainly on an easily replicable curriculum with little or no real life experience. The new era is changing the way we perceive online learning.

Some of these advanced EdTech organisations have a much evolved model based on personalisation, simulation and artificial intelligence. Such models are not just advanced in the way the course is structured and delivered but also offers a collaborative environment for any student to learn and grow.

Why choose EdTech over Traditional Classroom Learning?

1.  Simulation Experience

    Perhaps one of the most important advantages of EdTech over a traditional classroom experience is how close to real word it takes the student. Let’s be honest, a well designed curriculum which gives you theoretical knowledge can only take you so far. At Coding Invaders training platform they follow a one of a kind way bringing the studest closer to reality.

    They simulate real cases and tasks that a student may come across at the workplace. The structure is designed such that with every lesson students are prepared with skills that give them an advantage the moment they hit the ground running.

    In fact such thought through EdTech systems help tackle the age old challenge facing the workplaces – growing tech skill gap amongst the employees.

    95% оf Coding Invaders students told us that simulator + live sessions are more effective to learn job-ready skills than live sessions and recorded videos.

    2. Learn comfortably from anywhere!

    In a traditional classroom style learning environment, you’d essentially sign up for a course with a predefined timeline and a place where the course will be conducted. There’s very little room for flexibility. An E-learning course takes care of this effectively. First of all, you can access the course from pretty much anywhere in the world! This works wonders for people who are working professionals or are remote jobbers. Additionally, if you’re interested in learning a new language, you can seamlessly integrate online language study into your schedule. You don’t only save time on commuting but also don’t have to worry about the classroom infrastructure.

    3.No Prerequisites, Designed for all those Who Want to Learn

    Most traditional learning courses have admission requirements of some kind. It may be a level of education, age or a cutt-off score at a competitive exam.  But in case of an online course you are free to choose just about anything you want to learn. May it be a creative skill or a technical skill, in the case of EdTech the world is your oyster.

    Online learning has proven to be a great way to learn skills that are highly in-demand in the current industry. This in turn can very easily aid employees in fast tracking the careers in the current jobs given the evolving job scenario.

    4.Personal Tutor and Community

    Some may argue that an E-learning course doesn’t match up to the level of collaboration provided by the  classroom system. This is entirely a myth! One such example is Coding Invaders. Once you enroll in a course you’d be added to a community of students.This a great forum to interact, network and learn from fellow students. In addition to that you also have access to a personal tutor 24/7 to help you with any challenges that you may face during the course.

    5.Instills Discipline

    An online learning environment proves it to be a great way to inculcate discipline in a student. Essentially because you are on your own to complete the course at your own pace. This is a great way for students to learn how to stay motivated through the time of the course. Obviously with help from a student community or a personal tutor this is extremely easy and will only reap benefits in a real life work scenario.

    An interesting finding by Amy Ahearn who leads the online course development & strategy for +Acumen shows that the online course market has moved from a 5% to 85% completion rate.

    EdTech has grown over the decades, slowly yet steadily. There are no two ways how it is helping the students acquire life skills. But it has also helped improve the economy by providing a variety of skills that can be learnet with simply a computer device. If you wish to acquire a new skill or simply strengthen an existing one, look for an online course for a learning experience that is far closer to reality.

    Contributed by Roman Vyas, VP of Marketing and co-founder at Coding Invaders by MentorsPro

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