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Do you want to upgrade your old PC or buy a new laptop? Stop for a minute! Boosteroid is ready to save you some money. A browser — the only thing you need to run the latest releases. What about high-end graphics? Yes! In any place? Yes! Is it some kind of magic? No, but actually… yes. You can call it a modern cloud gaming magic. And this is why you should try it now.


Gotta go fast?

Cloud gaming is becoming more and more popular every day. You might have already heard about it, but don’t know how it works. The answer is pretty simple. Boosteroid gives you access to its computational power, so you can easily run AAA games. Cutting-edge technology is used to process your gameplay on remote servers. And that’s it. Almost…

You can be skeptical about it, but Boosteroid is faster than almost any other cloud gaming service known today. How is that possible? As our servers located across Europe, we can guarantee high-quality gaming without delays. Don’t believe us? Just try it. Boosteroid has already provided advanced gaming experience for users in Eastern Europe. They are already enjoying the latest technologies with what’s close at hand. In the next few months, your friends will join it, but you could become a cloud gamer even earlier. To be accurate, NOW!

There are a lot of options for you to play. Boosteroid provides you with the opportunity to launch games on your PC or phone, with keyboard/mouse or gamepad, alone or with friends. You won’t probably even notice the difference between running a game locally on your computer and running it in the cloud. Yes, it’s that fast.

A perfect Cloud solution for outdated PC - Boosteroid 1

But how fast? Today 1080p/60fps gaming requires as little as 10 Mbps. But what if it’s really expensive in your country? This is where you should ask yourself: is it more expensive than regular hardware updates?

Open a new world of freedom with Boosteroid

It’s not like you don’t need to upgrade your PC or buy a new Mac. There’s simply no reason to do this anymore. Just imagine how much free cash you can spend on other things if you stop buying expensive graphic cards. What about expensive memory? Now you do have the right solution. Never depend on the performance of your hardware and enjoy life in the cloud.

A perfect Cloud solution for outdated PC - Boosteroid 2

Boosteroid is even cheaper than you think. You can get it for the price of coffee. How is it possible? Buy a one-year subscription now and enjoy limitless gaming starting from €4.16 per month. It’s an opportunity you`ve been waiting for a long time. Don`t miss it.

Any other benefits?

Boosteroid is going worldwide and soon there will be an opportunity to use our service free of charge. We are currently working on a few game-changing features to make your experience even more comfortable.

Start using Boosteroid now, because it’s time to be first. Don’t deny progress and enjoy gaming to the fullest.

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