A Startups Guide to Connecting With Customers on Mobile

Startup Growth With Customer Success

For your startup to be successful, you need to develop an authentic relationship with your customers through several communication touchpoints such as e-mails, blogs, social media, and phone calls. These opportunities give you a chance to create a long and happy connection with your customers.

On average, people spend more than 4 hours daily on their phones. You should take advantage of this and incorporate a mobile marketing strategy because people across the globe are on their smartphones. In reality, mobile traffic accounts for more than half of worldwide internet activities. With this type of reach and audience, your startup needs to be exploiting these mobile opportunities.

Syniverse ipx will help with your mobile marketing strategy by providing a mobile marketing network that establishes security, reduces cost, roaming control services, and offers optimal customer experience. Here is how you can implement an effective marketing strategy that will drive return on investment and gain new customers.

Mobile Marketing

This is the sharing of a business or brand in a way that is designed for mobile devices through apps, websites, and social media channels. Mobile marketing strategy allows your startup to reach a larger audience as compared to computer marketing processes.

Marketing teams are taking advantage of the fact the people spend the majority of a day’s hours on their mobile devices; that is why marketing campaigns today are specialized for mobile users across different digital platforms.

How to Design a Mobile Marketing Strategy

The mobile marketing campaign is much similar to social media strategy. The initial procedures are to know your business identity, lay an objective, design content, and create key performance indicators. When designing your mobile marketing strategy, ensure content has a strong call to action and design ways users can reach high points in a click.

The Significance of a Mobile-Friendly Site

When running a mobile marketing strategy, the communication platform used should be mobile-friendly. However, many times, business owners fail to remember that mobile content is there to lead users to your website. The importance of mobile-friendly content is that it enables users to access content and your website easily on their smartphones.

Why Mobile Marketing Matters

When your business doesn’t have an optimized mobile website or an effective mobile marketing strategy, you could be losing profits and customers by the minute without your knowledge. Look at these mobile marketing numbers:

  • Almost 60% of users will not put in a good word for a business with an awfully crafted mobile website.
  • 8 out of 10 customers will stop interacting with a communication platform that is not mobile-friendly.
  • Around 60% of users are not likely going back to a website if it is not mobile-friendly, and 40% will instead go to a competitor’s website.
  • Mobile marketing is the core business of almost 70 % of marketers.

Therefore, when your mobile marketing strategy is not effective, you will get low profits.

How to Optimize For Mobile

Sites and web content should be designed to run smoothly on any device. There are some key factors that help content and sites run easier and better. To optimize a mobile site:

  • Use bulleted lists and short paragraphs.
  • Remember users will be using their fingers and thumbs (not a mouse)
  • Focus on scrolling instead of clicking.
  • Provide auto-fill details whenever possible.

Mobile Marketing Tools

Mobile Applications

Mobile applications are very useful when trying to increase a product line, facilitate e-commerce, and drive customer engagement. As you know, people spend more than 4 hours on their phones, and a mobile application that sends notifications to them, can drive them to your startup.

Short Message Service (SMS)

The best messaging platform for mobile marketing is SMS. There are more than 3.6 billion people with no smartphones that can receive SMS. 90% of SMS are opened within the first few minutes of receiving them. Relatively, it takes a person an average of 2 hours to get and read an e-mail. SMS marketing can be up to 8 times more successful in getting your audience to engage.

Multimedia Messaging Service

This is a messaging platform where content is sent from a site or a messaging service provider to a mobile phone. MMS includes; regular texts, videos, audios, pictures, and GIFs. MMS has a higher user engagement with an average click-through rate of 15 %. These messages are shared on social platforms, hence increasing mobile traffic.

Improving Mobile User Engagement

In your mobile marketing strategy, you should continually strive to improve mobile user engagement. Mobile user engagement is the interaction between a customer and your app and is measured by assessing analytics. Here is how you can improve mobile engagement.

Create a Quality App

This may be obvious, but many mobile applications have poor user engagement because several apps feature crush. After customers have downloaded your app, any bugs within the app will negatively affect user experience. On top of having a poor user interface, other applications also lack the right functionality and, hence, have a low app retention level.

Therefore, the most crucial step in improving user engagement is developing a quality mobile app with decent features.

Engagement begins with the onboarding process

With good onboarding, you can increase user retention levels by 50%. When you implement an effective onboarding procedure, your app users will better understand the value of the app. Your onboarding message should go hand in hand with the value of your application and display its main features.

Significantly, only ask for mobile data you require. Do not bombard the user with permission requests such as location prompts at the beginning of the onboarding process. Clearly state to users why exactly you are requesting access to exact areas of their mobile devices and how that information can help users get more value from the application.

Use push notifications

An excellent way to drive mobile engagement is by using push notifications. Please keep in mind app users want personalization; they want their interactions with the mobile app to be relevant with their in-app behavior, location, and preference.

Therefore, individualized in-app messages and push notifications are effective than broadcast.

Mobile marketing is the easiest and fastest way of engaging your customers, and it is easier to reach your target audience on their mobile devices. Incorporating a mobile marketing strategy will improve your sales, thus increasing profits.

Syniverse ipx offers you efficient interconnect and roaming control services that will support your mobile marketing needs while reducing costs and improving mobile engagement.

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