Accenture Boosts Data and AI Adoption with GenAI Studio Launch in Bengaluru

By Sunil Sonkar
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Accenture Boosts Data and AI Adoption with GenAI Studio Launch in Bengaluru

Accenture, a global IT leader, has unveiled its new Generative Artificial Intelligence (GenAI) studio in Bengaluru. It is investing a big $3 billion in data and AI here. They want to double their AI team to 80,000 people in the next three years by hiring, acquiring new talent and providing training.


The GenAI studio offers innovative services like the proprietary GenAI model “switchboard,” customization techniques, model managed services and specialized training programs as well. Accenture aims to use these capabilities to bring together talent and technology.

The Bengaluru studio is a collaborative space where Accenture’s data and AI experts work alongside clients to co-create solutions. The studio helps companies grow their AI investments quickly and responsibly by combining modern data and AI, large language model architecture, partnerships, talent development, and responsible AI frameworks.

Senthil Ramani, Global Lead – Data and AI at Accenture, emphasizes that the Bengaluru studio will assist clients worldwide in prioritizing capabilities across the entire value chain. The aim is to help them expand their AI investments fast and responsibly, discovering new growth chances and improving how their business works.

A recent Accenture survey indicates a growing interest in AI, with 74% of C-suite executives planning to increase AI-related spending in 2024, up from 50% in the previous year. This change means moving from testing ideas to making foundation models unique with our own data.

Mahesh Zurale, Global Lead – Advanced Technology Centers Global Network at Accenture, highlights the significance of the Bengaluru studio. Clients across 19 industries now have the opportunity to understand, experiment, adopt, and scale GenAI solutions to reinvent functions and business models for improved performance.

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