ACT Fibernet Invests in Aprecomm to Enhance Wi-Fi Technology and Connectivity

By Sunil Sonkar
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ACT Fibernet Invests in Aprecomm to Enhance Wi-Fi Technology and Connectivity

Fiber broadband internet service provider ACT Fibernet has announced a strategic investment in network intelligence solutions startup Aprecomm. It is learned the move may enhance the ability of the company to deliver top-notch Wi-Fi experiences to its customers. Incorporating the technology of Aprecomm means significant improvement in network capabilities and simultaneously to ensure a smoother as well as more reliable internet experience for users.


As of now, the financial details of the investment have not been disclosed. However, the strategic partnership will see integration of advanced technology into the Wi-Fi products. The integration will allow real-time monitoring of Wi-Fi performance and simultaneously enable quick as well as proactive solutions to last-mile connectivity issues. Real-time visibility is crucial in today’s digital age for uninterrupted internet service.

ACT Fibernet CEO Bala Malladi emphasized the importance of the new investment in their strategy to provide the best in-home Wi-Fi experience. He highlighted how the AI-based and advanced Wi-Fi analytics will help in optimizing the network further.

Aprecomm CEO Pramod Gummaraj expressed excitement about the new investment. He noted that the partnership will boost their service quality. He further stated that they are delighted to welcome ACT Fibernet as a partner and together they can enhance the mission.

Aprecomm CTO said that the collaboration will push technological advancements further and thereafter provide the subscribers an exceptional internet experience. He added further that they are thrilled as the investment will help them in pushing the boundaries of technological advancements further.

However, it is believed that the partnership is a promising step forward towards better Wi-Fi connectivity for consuers. It will definitely benefit the customers of ACT Fibernet and set a new standard in the internet service industry.

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