in releases the first free AIOps incident control and automation releases the first free AIOps incident control and automation 1, formerly known as Monqlab, the leading AIOps developer, has released a cloud-hosted AIOps platform that detects and prevents IT failures in complex, dynamically changing IT environments. The platform is suitable for companies of any size, from SMBs to enterprises, and helps site reliability engineering (SRE), DevOps,and IT Ops professionals by providing quick and simple root-cause analysis and troubleshooting.

For the first time in the AIOps industry, the platform is free of charge for the tech community worldwide. It allows one to create a workspace in seconds, connect it to popular IT monitoring systems, such as Zabbix or Prometheus, add data from virtualization systems, such as VMware, and add Azure or AWS cloud providers, connect raw logs of your services and add application performance monitoring. reduces downtime by 50%, user complaints by 84%. Simultaneously it increases the efficiency of root-cause analysis and boosts the speed of investigation of IT incidents by 70-95% and the speed of incident resolution to 60%.

In comparison to other AIOps products provides wide range of features from syntactic monitoring to CMDB, quick at installing, has a user-friendly UI and built-in templates, and more affordable by pricing. Among other things, the platform has a unique low-code engine for automation to manage autodiscovery and nitrification.

In addition, the platform can be used as a tool to learn more about AIOps technology, which will soon become a corporate standard. is designed with microservices architecture for flexibility and scalability, and while most systems of this class on the market are little more than advanced chat rooms with some automation, employs Natural Language Processing (NLP) for Machine Learning (ML) technologies to reduce the noise level.

The free version of the program includes unlimited events, users, and automation rules, up to 5 GB of daily incoming data, which is enough even for large companies. The paid option and Enterprise Version provides extra support and several setup options, including on- premise, and are available to those who work with a larger amount of data.

«At the end of last year, we launched Monqlab’s self-hosted Free Community Edition, an AIOps platform for data collecting and analysis. We saw a massive interest from the community – hundreds of people downloaded the product after just a few posts on social media. We decided to move fast and build the SaaS version as soon as we could to bring the value of our product in the most user-friendly way to every engineer who needs it with absolutely no charge.

We want to make the tool for those who would like to try AIOps and start learning how to use the technology, bring a value to the companies they work at, and at the same time become more valuable professionals», – Nikolay Ganyushkin, CEO and founder of

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