Ad-tech Startup, Affle is gearing up for an IPO

Ad-tech Startup, Affle is gearing up for an IPO 1

Another startup to emerge this year as an ad-tech company, named Affle(India)Ltd. is ready to follow up for an IPO. The startup conquered itself 13 years back, headquartering in India, yet, it places its operations in South East Asia, MENA, Europe, US, Japan, South Korea and Australia, receiving SEBI compliance to hold IPO October 2018. The parent company of Affle known as Affle Holdings Singapore initiates to divest a short hand of its stake through the IPO. Earlier, in March 2019, Affle acquired Singapore-based online-to-offline (O2O) platform called Shoffr, confirming the startup’s third acquisition during a year.

Furthermore, the previous year, it acquired O2O commerce business, Markt heading towards a more proficient purchase of brand, redirecting push notification businesses and technology areas of marketing the technology startup Vizury. Leading to a more professional agenda and taste the success, Affle marched on Indian hedge fund Malabar Investments to its list of backers in the same month. As a matter of fact, Malabar MD Sumeet Nagar made its recordings claiming that Affle became the biggest ad-tech supporter in India, achieving great benefits in the field.

Affle was brought to existence in April 2005 containing an SMS-based marketing solution at the time when 3G wasn’t announced, PDAs (personal digital assistants) devices were complete rage, and the smartest phone existed was Blackberry. Sumeet marks, “As transactions on mobile apps keep getting more traction and become mainstream, we believe that the demand for Affle’s user acquisition and retention solutions should grow manifold. The management’s focus on profitability has created a combination of sustainable high growth, margins and cashflow generation…As the screen of a smartphone becomes one of the most desired real estates on earth, we expect Affle’s offerings to create significant value for advertisers and investors alike.”

The Singapore-based parent firm, Affle Holdings, involves Microsoft, Itochu, Centurion Investment Management, Times Internet, and D2C(a subsidiary of telecom major NTT DOCOMO), NTT Advertising and advertising giant Dentsu Inc amidst its investors. As a startup, it always aimed at scalable, sustainable and long-term business. Affle mentions to focus more as a tech company than an ad company. This startup consists of award-winning mFaaS program that lends a hand to uncover any fraud or crime on a real-time basis and lowering the expenditure of marketing spend. Furthermore, Affle is capable to stir upto 70 percent of its revenue from India, Southeast Asia, and the MENA region, while the rest is summed up from the rest of the world, including grown up markets such as North America, Japan, Europe, and Australia.

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