Adapting InfiniBand for High Performance Cloud Computing

Adapting InfiniBand for High Performance Cloud Computing

Computing is only going to become faster and faster and hence, you need interconnects which assures low latency. For this purpose, InfiniBand has been the favorite name for enterprises. In a recent report, a huge number of top 500 companies have displayed preference for InfiniBand which is surely a staggering statistics for interconnect family. This has been more or less the trend for the last decade. However, when it comes to cloud, there is a striking absence of InfiniBand there, especially among the major players.

The change is about to come

While the three biggest names in cloud computing are largely oblivious about InfiniBand, Microsoft Azure has recently subscribed to InfiniBand along with, surprisingly enough, some small services like Profit Bricks. Hence, InfiniBand has huge potential for growth in the cloud market. Hence, cloud researches have become fascinated with integrating InfiniBand to expand cloud like never before and the challenges that entail this possibility.Adapting InfiniBand for High Performance Cloud Computing

The issue with performance

Performance has been a headache for InfiniBand adaptation for some time now and it is rooted in the function of it. InfiniBand uses hardware extensively to offload work pressure which results in a static route. However, cloud is all about dynamism and therefore, there is a classic gap between the two. So, there is a drastic drop in performance if you are using this service no matter public or private cloud. In fact, public clouds can hardly use InfiniBand because of the kind of migration required between virtual machines.

Not flexible enough for cloud

InfiniBand is brilliant for many purposes, but surely does not provide flexibility required for the best function of cloud computing. While research has been made in this direction, there has not been little popularity of the solutions proposed which underlines the problem. In fact, the research has produced a method for quick integration of resources and migration to virtual machines.

InfiniBand is gaining currency

While problems are there, solutions are also emerging and hence, cloud models are making sure they overcome these issues by integrating InfiniBand across the platforms. While technical challenges are to be addressed, the economic viability and the fiscal advantages it provides have made cloud providers think differently. It is going to be the big leap for InfiniBand as platforms are converging around the world. So, InfiniBand is not going to be limited into the specialized market of HPC and explode in the IT circuit this year.

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