Adobe creates AI tool to detect photoshopped images

Adobe creates AI tool to detect photoshopped images 1

Today’s internet is a great platform for people manipulated and fake pictures that can solely end careers. And Adobe – being the most used tool in creating these images has shown its concern and has developed an AI tool that helps detect edited images and remove the edits made to the image, delivering the original picture.

Adobe has, reportedly, took this step in order to reduce the kinds of problems that its ‘ Face Aware Liquify’ tool brings to the world. This tool reshapes and changes the facial expressions in an image. Adobe has come forward with the researches at the University of California at Berkeley to resolve this issue.

This tool has been successful in detecting altered face 99% of the time, while humans only detected the alters 53% of the time, Adobe claimed. The tool was able to revert the images back to their original state. To create the software, engineers trained a neural network on a database of paired faces, containing images both before and after editing them using Liquify.

“We live in a world where it’s becoming harder to trust the digital information we consume, and I look forward to further exploring this area of research,” said Adobe researcher Richard Zhang. The researches also informed that this is a step to a safer Digital Media and can restore people’s trust towards online pictures and images.


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