Adobe releases analytics tools for conversational AI

Adobe releases analytics tools for conversational AI

Analytics tools help surface data to help you understand what is happening and why. While it is trivial to produce a spreadsheet comparing feature-after-feature between analytics tools, the bulk of your effort should be in assessing the Analytics Maturity of your organization and determining if you’ll be able to get a return on this investment to produce more revenue for your organization.

It easily integrates data from a wide array of sources for true customer analytics. With Adobe Analytics, you can turn the mountains of information you already have into actionable customer intelligence, so you can improve marketing initiatives, create targeted campaign offers, and identify new revenue opportunities.Adobe releases analytics tools for conversational AI

Adobe says it can consume data from Alexa, Siri, Google Assistant, Cortana and Bixby (lol one day). The company captures both user intent and contextual data — context that can be put to use by brands when targeting customers across other channels like social and email.

This means Adobe can track the actions users most often take with their conversational AI of choice and the things they regularly interact with.

Features of big data analytics

  • Comprehensive data ingestion
  • Integrate datasets from disparate online and offline sources to get a high-definition view of your customers.
  • Data pattern discovery
  • Intelligently identify hidden behaviors and recognize patterns in big data using customer analytics and data science technologies within the data workbench.
  • On-demand data curation
  • Assemble insights into easy-to-understand dashboards and visualizations that can be used by stakeholders to make better business decisions.
  • Automated syndication
  • Instantly deliver key insights to downstream systems to take action and improve marketing optimization.

The Adobe Analytics Standard version lacks sophisticated attribution modeling support. There is an option to pay more for the Premium version or the Attribution feature which is quite robust via Adobe Data Workbench (static models, dynamic models, and more). The Adobe Analytics Standard version will provide a Marketing Channel report that gives you insight into first-click and last-click channels.

Adobe has been paying a lot of attention to the market potential for conversational AI embedded in speaker hardware. The company released metrics today that painted the Amazon Echo Dot as the market leader in the growing space.


Regardless of what happens to this market, Adobe has a reasonable competitive edge with the relationships it already has with brands. And unlike tools built by companies with skin in the game like Amazon, Adobe is a relatively market-agnostic player.

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