Advancements, Challenges and Responsibilities in AI Tools

Tech giants race to develop smarter AI tools. OpenAI's Sora turns text into videos, sparking excitement and concern for spreading misinformation.

By Sunil Sonkar 2 Min Read
2 Min Read
Advancements, Challenges and Responsibilities in AI Tools

The competition to make smarter AI tools is getting intense, with big companies like Google, Meta and OpenAI all joining in. OpenAI’s new tool, Sora, which changes texts into videos, has made people in the tech world both happy and concerned. Sora and tools like it can help us make and share videos online better, but they can also spread fake news as well as bad content. Just like with any strong tool, we have to be careful how we use it.

The new ability to turn text into realistic videos raises big problems. We already have lots of fake news and bad content online, and AI tools like Sora could make it worse. There is a concern that people might use these tools to tell lies and harm others. Also, AI is getting better really fast, but we are not ready to make sure it is safe. Even though companies like OpenAI are trying to make it better, we still need to do more. Making sure AI is used in the right way will need everyone, like tech companies, governments and regular people, to work together.

It is not only about making AI super smart, but it is also about using it to help people. As AI gets better, we need to be honest, take responsibility and make sure we protect important things like fairness and honesty.


The path ahead will have lots of difficulties, but if we are careful and plan well, we can use AI to help everyone. As tech users, we should ask companies to be responsible and make AI that benefits everyone.

However, what is most important in making AI better is not just how fancy it is, but how it impacts people and our world.

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