Advantages of longer video format for marketer

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Advantages of longer video format for marketer

Contrary to what you may hear about the internet and goldfish memory, the demand for longer video format is soaring, as is the attention span for video. The U.S. adult population now watches videos around 6 hours a day, according to data from 2018. The web, mobile devices, TV, and social media are all part of it. Long-format TV remains the most popular type of video available today by a wide margin. So, why such a transition? People are watching more videos than ever. And marketers are nodding a big yes to this trend. Wait a minute!


Are you a marketer?

Marketers have lots of options to explore when it comes to video content. A 2-minute video, a 15-second Instagram Story, or even an entire 30-minute series of episodes might be what your audience loves. A 1000 word blog could be engaging, but video content has the flexibility to thrive across channels and devices to build a brand.

If you use the right strategy and approach to content creation, the long-form video doesn’t have to be expensive and takes longer to make. The number of companies making episodic, long-form video content is increasing, but the approaches they use to create content differ widely. Are you still on the fence? Here are just some of the many benefits long-form content offers and how you can start utilizing it to build your business.

Advantages of longer video format for marketers:

The five major advantages of long-form video for marketers are

  • Deep Engagement
  • Creates Value
  • Builds your brand
  • Story aids memory
  • Good for SEO

Deep Engagement 

A long-form video is the king (or queen) of engagement. Longer videos are the best way to make an impression on viewers. If you post a longer video, the play rate may not be as high, but the audience who watch is keen on what you plan to say. The value of your audience comes from their willingness to consider your message and get to know your brand. Also, these days video is measured by the time it is watched, which delves into this concept in greater depth. 

Creates Value

As a marketer, your core need is to create value for your brand and organization. The value you add to your core services and products does not always come from adding new features. Expert-driven content adds value to your company and helps differentiate you from your competitors. A long-form video can be educating, engaging, answering those doubts from the customer’s perspective. The long-form video contributes to your company’s success and knowledge by enhancing user knowledge. It is more than just the products that people rely on you for. Through your knowledge, they will be able to advance their lives.

Builds your brand

Long-form video is an excellent medium for expression. You can build a brand identity that stands out from the competition with long-form content. Long-form video lets you choose the direction your brand will take. There is a chance to expand in ways others might not expect. Focus on your target audience’s specific topic, interest, or subject matter. Your business can be a learning, entertainment, and inspiration platform. You can talk about how you’ve struggled or made mistakes that made your business unveil possibilities.  

Story aids memory

Narratives have been used since ancient times as a means to create lasting memories. The advantage of long-form content is that you can tell a story. When you do it right, they’ll remember it for hours, days, or even weeks after watching the video. Creating long-term connections with your audience is a great way to become well known.

Good for SEO

As videos grow longer, they provide more content, making keyword possibilities more robust. Your website traffic will increase when you include long-tail keywords in the video’s metadata. Moreover, a longer video keeps a visitor on your website, indicating that your site is relevant to the search engines. The result is more traffic, engagement, and SEO. It’s a win-win!

Long-form videos offer countless possibilities, as you can see. Let’s go back a little bit. Start with a “short and sweet” 2-minute video if you’re just getting started with video marketing. Please share it and watch the reactions. You’ll only know what direction to take with the video after you’ve shown it to the world.

Short videos may be your style. Remember, the long-form video gets your company noticed. By creating and sharing content, you will become more influential and establish yourself as a market innovator. Meanwhile, make content that you have always wanted to make, regardless of length!

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