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Why advertising industry is now embracing big data

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To create advertisement campaigns in a faster rate big data is widely used. Not only big data promotes original work but they bring creativity. The traditional means of advertisement like newspaper, television, radio are losing its viewers. In a fast world, everything is becoming digital. People prefer to get information online. Here we will see why advertising industry is now embracing big data.

Identifying consumer behaviors

Big data is the only technology which is bringing evolution in the advertisement industry also. Big data analytics helps the advertisement companies to collaborate their ideas and their campaigns online. After many years we see that advertisement industry is joining hands with big data technology. Big data helps in identifying the consumer behavior patterns. Brands can not only study their consumers but they can also study how to reduce cost. The use of algorithms helps the brands to minimize cost and maximize profits.

It is highly crucial for the companies to study their data and make use of it. Traditional means of advertisement cannot capture and preserve the data produced from social media. These days we see that common people also post or do live notifications which are used by the advertisement industry. They can gather and collect this information anytime and at any place. People upload their videos and they post pictures also. These are all a part of advertisement campaign.

Real time Advertisements

Big data not only kills time but they also help in making real time decision. The information which is produced is not only fresh but people can relate also. We see that the advertisement companies these days can connect more with people with the help of big data. The ads that we see whether it is in Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Instagram etc are using more creative advertisements. The advertisements are also personalized so that they touch our lives. Whether it is a war situation or a new President is elected they create and produce advertisements based on real time scenarios.

Impact of big data in the advertisement industry

Through the advancement of big data technology, people can share their location and upload their status and pictures. The use of hashtags and status helps the brands in identifying their popular products. Based on the likes and dislikes of the people advertisements are highlighted. With upcoming offers and discounts lures the consumers more. Big data in way helps the advertisement companies to create catch contents and graphics. The length of the advertisements we see these days lasts for few seconds. As we are living in a fast world, hardly we have time to view big advertisements. Thus big data creates crisp and meaning contents. A minimalistic content also leaves a meaningful advertisement for us.

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