Advertising Restaurants through Machine Learning

Advertising Restaurants through Machine Learning 1

AI is the keywords which are creating a revolution in recent years. Recent inventions of Amazon Echo and self-driven cars are the inventions from AI. The term Artificial Intelligence is first used in the 1950s and its power had been harnessed by the Fortune 500 companies mainly into advertising and marketing. In recent years, AI is simplified for daily use.

At present, AI is being used in smartphones and a better understanding of these technologies is essential for marketers. The concept behind machine learning is that computers can learn from data analyzed by identifying patterns. In the end, this technology can make decisions without humans.

Impact on Restaurants:

Branch of AI is called machine learning which is used widely by the restaurant owners. With the use of any explicit instructions, the computer performs the specific task by the scientific study of algorithms and statistical models. It relies mostly on the inference and patterns instead of instructions. The right machine learning technology will have a good impact on local store marketing.

Small Bussiness Advertisement:

In the past years, small businesses couldn’t compete with the bigger brands because of no access to highly skilled marketing experts and expensive technology. At present self-marketing tools like Google Ads and Facebook Ads have made the advertising more accessible to all the small business owners.

Digital advertising is made simple and affordable for all the small scale businesses. But the process is time-consuming and tedious and the best performing ads require to spend a lot of money. For the better results, the analysis needs to be done daily and if required multiple times a day. The reality is, marketers are already using this technology to help improve their marketing campaigns and increase revenue by optimizing the customer experience. If you don’t have a pulse, you can fall behind your competitors. Even if you are not ready to implement machine learning today, you must be prepared to do it in the future.

Problems of Human Analysis:

The human analysis will be costly and inefficient. There will be issues of rising food cost, rent, minimum wages etc., and the local marketing should not be one of them. Automation is the key to digital marketing. Restaurant operators and multi-unit franchise owners must be able to drive their digital advertising strategies and have smart machines doing hard work in the background, while they re-run their businesses.

With the help of machine learning, we can analyse the consumer’s social score which helps to know the behavior of the user by the posts they like, as they engage with and accounts they follow. Using machine learning to meet prospects helps businesses create more accurate customer profiles, increasing their marketing.

Why machine learning is the industry standard for marketing?

Machine learning will give you a high assurance that your message is reaching the high number of customers. It also gives you measurable results on a daily basis for your restaurent. 24/7 algorithm based optimization will be deployed by the machine learning which creates you a sizable competitive advantage.

For example, let us assume that we want to search for a restaurant to enjoy a meal and we never had any idea of the restaurants over there. You just don’t book it by checking the menu or price perspective, we just do this by reviewing it online. The same will be applied to the marketing efforts of the local restaurants.Just assume that we want to market our restaurant to a new customer. But just have only one billboard with you or can buy one only search term in Google Ads. You can just execute a paid social media strategy on Facebook.

If a friend or family member tells you about a restaurant you like or a book you like to read, chances are, you actually like it. That’s because these people know you. They will not recommend sushi restaurants to you if they know you have seafood allergies. They will not recommend non-fiction history books to you if you are a fan of science fiction novels. Machine learning can identify your preferences too and maybe even better than people who know you well.

Just enabling the marketing tactics every day is just enough for higher returns of your restaurants. In the world of online advertisement, machine learning did the same thing. Very few people can understand this machine learning in small businesses like machine learning. With some learning, usage and adoption restaurants will be more benefited with this marketing technologies.

Written by Srikanth

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