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Affordable Myoelectric Limb Startup Dee Dee Labs Raises Seed Funding

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Dee Dee Labs Pvt Ltd, which is a Pune based company making the affordable myoelectric limbs for developing the countries, has now secured the undisclosed amount of seed funding from the Venture Center, an India largest science business incubator to run under the aegis of CSIR National Chemical Laboratory.

The startup will now be going to utilize the funds to raise in the strengthening up its R&D effort for the pilot testing and product development of the prototype which will help the startup to reach to a stage where it can show the alpha version of the product and apply for the subsequent funding opportunities.

The startup which is founded in the year 2016 by the Pratik Bhalerao, Subhojit Basu and Vishal Patil. Dee Dee Labs is a development and design lab with a central focus on the development of the next generation of the bionic prostheses for the upper limb amputees. The startup also aims at making the myoelectric limbs for developing the countries which are non-invasive. “Myoelectric” is the terms for the electric properties of muscles. A myoelectric controlled prosthesis is an extremely powered and supported artificial limb that can control with the help of electrical signals generated naturally by the human muscles.

Based at Venture Center, Dee Dee Labs is currently working on a non-invasive multigrasp myoelectric prosthetic arm for transradial amputee population in India and the Indian subcontinent. Their bionic arm technology platform is designed to restore anatomical function, lost by amputation, by using intelligent hardware and algorithms that can respond in a human-like way.

“DeeDee Labs has the potential to serve an unmet need for affordable and empowering upper limb prosthetics. While doing so, the company is developing a platform that can be applied to many other applications in assistive technology products,” said Dr. Premnath, Director, Venture Center who is very optimistic of large market growth in these sectors in the coming years.

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