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Dmytro Gerasymenko, the CEO of Ahrefs, which is an SEO tool. Ahrefs made a release through Twitter about creating a new search engine in the year 2019. Recently, Ahrefs has introduced its brand new search engine by the name of “Yep.”


Yep.com has been in development for the last two years and is now live in beta. The search engine is currently available in English and Russian language. And it is expected to expand its reach to other languages as well in the future.

Over the years, Ahrefs did a lot for its brand new search engine- “Yep.” The company has spent $60 million to improvise the tool.

What is Yep all about?

Basically, Yep is a search engine which is developed by Ahrefs. Ahrefs is one of the largest and most popular SEO tool provider companies. This search engine is designed to facilitate accurate and relevant results to its end users by the better utilization of Ahrefs’ vast data and resources.

Yep is a general-purpose web search engine that is highlighting itself on the Google platform. But as we know, there are various search engines that have been trying to establish themselves as an alternative to Google, but unfortunately, none of them have succeeded.

Very soon, Yep is going to be launched in all the countries and languages as well.

Yep is seen as a Revenue Sharing Model: How It is Different from Google?

In a nutshell, the revenue-sharing model is quite different from Google. As per the latest information, Google gave 68% of its revenue to content creators, while Yep contributes 90% of its revenue to its content creators. Here we have mentioned some of the things, or you can say sayings about Yep:

•            Yep, it is the biggest search engine in the world that makes $100 billion in a year.

•            It is estimated that Wikipedia would probably earn a few billion dollars in a year from its content. They have decided to stop asking for donations and start paying the people who used to pay for their articles a decent amount.

•            There would be no requirement for paywalls and affiliate links. A citizen journalist that is uncovering the corruption of a full-time job could get compensation without spending the time trying to monetize content.

Do you know what the best part is? You don’t have to be an expert to avail benefits.

•            Let’s understand it better with the help of an example that you love baking pancakes. Now you have an incentive to grow that passion – imagine getting paid to share creative recipes, publish photos of your creations and teach the rest of the world how they too can make the fluffiest pancakes ever.

What are the privacy policies of Yep?

When we make a comparison between Yep and other search engines, Yep does not collect any kind of information (User Searches, IP Addresses, Locations, etc.). Yep does not share the data of its end users with anyone. But on the privacy policy page, it is mentioned that privacy policies can be modified at any time.


In the current scenario, Yep used to collect the data with the help of Ahref’s bot. As per Ahrefs, this will replace Ahrefs bot with Yep’s bot. for the last two years, Ahref has been crawling the web.

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