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AI Agents to businesses and individuals with No-Code Templates - Supervity 1

What Supervity does and what is its mission?

Supervity is on a mission to augment a billion people with digital skills using AI and automation. We specialise in providing AI Agents to businesses and individuals, optimising knowledge work through AI-powered automation. Our AI Agents are designed to Read, Understand, Collaborate, Engage, and Act using a sophisticated mix of AI tools.


They operate on your Cloud platform, ensuring top-tier enterprise-grade security. At the heart of our Supervity platform, the ‘AI Coach’ serves a pivotal role in facilitating the effective adoption and integration of our AI Agents by the workforce.

It’s designed not merely as a tool, but as a bridge connecting individuals and teams to the transformative capabilities of our AI Agents. Ensuring ease of use and fostering an intuitive understanding of Large Language Models, the AI Coach enhances the team’s ability to harness the full potential of this technology.

What inspired in the creation of Supervity?

The inspiration behind Supervity came from realising that 85% of the world’s population remains digitally illiterate at varied levels, and this gap is growing. Founded in 2017 by Siva Moduga and Vijay Navaluri, the company emerged from the desire to democratise knowledge accessibility and augment the knowledge workforce with AI powered automation that readies them for the future of work. This vision led to the creation of the AI Agents platform that enables knowledge workers to create personal automation in minutes, addressing the need for simplified, efficient digital toosl.

Can you explain how your AI Agents read, understand, collaborate, engage, and act to optimise knowledge work?

Supervity’s AI Agents are designed to mimic human cognitive functions. They read and understand unstructured data, collaborate with users by offering insights and recommendations, engage by interacting with various digital environments, and act by automating repetitive tasks. These agents use a mix of generative AI and automation technologies like RPA, RAG, NLP etc., ensuring they adapt to and evolve with the user’s needs while maintaining enterprise-grade security.

Examples of tasks that your AI Agents can automate for businesses and individuals?

Our AI Agents can automate a wide range of tasks including data entry, document processing, customer support ticketing, and workflow management. For instance, they can read and categorise emails, extract and input data into CRMs, automate responses to common customer inquiries, and generate detailed reports from raw data. This allows businesses to streamline operations and individuals to focus on higher-value tasks.

What range of digital skills does Supervity offer and simultaneously help our readers to know how these tools help users in improving their competencies?

Supervity offers a wide range of digital skills through its AI Skill Hub, which includes pre-built and customised AI skills tailored for the modern workplace. These skills support rapid upskilling in areas such as project management, citizen service, customer service and more. Users can improve their competencies by leveraging these skills to navigate their digital workflows, automate routine tasks and gain insights from data without needing advanced technical knowledge.

Can you share some success stories or case studies from your clients like Daikin, Mondelez, NEC, Asset & Wealth Management, and Ultratech?

Supervity has significantly impacted various sectors by enhancing operational efficiency, increasing productivity, and ensuring process accuracy through its AI-driven solutions. A US state government agency managed to reduce its annual support ticket volume by 40% and enhanced user productivity by leveraging Supervity to eliminate 98,000 tickets and provide over 1.2 million tooltips for guided app navigation, achieving 68% effort savings and 100% compliance.

A large healthcare network, based in the US East Coast, experienced over 30% manual effort savings and 80% faster Revenue Cycle Management operations by adopting Supervity’s superior no-code AI technology, yielding a $3Mn+ economic impact with a 7x ROI. Similarly, a large global SI built an AI-first platform to achieve more than 40% effort savings in cybersecurity audits, leading to an expected $4Mn+ economic impact with a 14x ROI.

These success stories across governmental and corporate landscapes showcase Supervity’s versatility in enabling generative AI-powered operational efficiency, improving accuracy, and delivering substantial economic benefits.

What specific challenges did these organizations face and how your company helped them in overcoming the challenges?

These organizations faced challenges such as high volumes of repetitive tasks, inefficiencies in revenue cycle management, and the need for robust cybersecurity audits. Supervity helped them overcome these challenges by automating routine processes, enhancing data processing speed and accuracy, and providing real-time support for employees. This not only improved efficiency but also ensured compliance and reduced operational costs.

ROI can businesses expect when implementing Supervity’s AI solutions?

Integrating Supervity’ AI Agents within their workflows, businesses can expect over 65% reduction in processing costs, 100% data accuracy, 75% improved digital adoption, 24×7 business availability, 80% reduction in training and support costs, 2.5x in productivity gains, 25% improvement in Net Promoter Score (NPS) and 3x faster employee onboarding.

With offices in Reston, Mumbai as well as Hyderabad, how does Supervity cater to its diverse global clientele?

Supervity caters to its diverse global clientele through a strategic presence in key regions, allowing for localised support and understanding of different market needs. Our offices in Reston, Mumbai, and Hyderabad enable us to provide timely and efficient service to clients across various time zones, ensuring that we can meet the unique demands of each market while maintaining a consistent standard of excellence.

What are the main challenges and benefits of operating on a global scale?

Operating on a global scale presents various challenges such as navigating diverse regulatory environments, addressing cultural differences, establishing market presence, and maintaining robust technical infrastructure. Each market presents its own set of challenges. However, the benefits are substantial, including expanded market reach, increased revenue potential, exposure to diverse markets driving innovation, access to top global talent, economic resilience, and the ability to make a significant global impact. These advantages make global operations a valuable endeavour.

What are the future plans of the company for expanding services and improving its AI Agents?

Supervity plans to expand its services by enhancing the capabilities of its AI Coach and AI Agents, incorporating more advanced generative AI technologies, and developing new AI skills. We aim to increase the accessibility and usability of our platform, ensuring it remains intuitive and beneficial for users of all backgrounds. Additionally, we are exploring new markets and industries to bring our innovative solutions to a wider audience.

Advice would you give to businesses and individuals looking to adopt AI solutions to improve their productivity?

For businesses and individuals looking to adopt AI solutions, it’s essential to start with a clear understanding of the specific challenges and goals you aim to address. Choose a solution that is user-friendly and scalable, ensuring it can grow with your needs. Focus on integrating AI into your workflows gradually, starting with automating routine tasks to free up time for higher-value activities. Lastly, prioritise data privacy and ethical AI use to build trust and ensure long-term success.

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