AI Algorithm Updated to Guess What a Person Looks Like


With the initiation of the technologies and innovation round the clock, many experiments prove to upgrade the technology and connections with powerful agendas of the world. Certainly, in an experiment that follows through the Orwellian surveillance and subtle innovation, researchers of MIT boosted with an algorithm that hears the voice and estimates the face of the voice heard over with certain decent accuracy.

With relevant information including the race, gender or culture upheld from the social issues such as song or speech builds up the concept of humans to subconsciously stick themselves to the posting and developing previous times.

Further, with today’s technology brought up as AI algorithm, one can conveniently get familiar with the voice heard of the person even through wireless communication or even outside the wall.

Thus, the person builds up the idea to get a certain imagination of the face of the person or at least get an outlook of the phenomenon for being a male or female. Thus, technology makes it easy and astonishing in the way to formulate the outlook of the person by recognizing his/her voice.

Therefore, the outcomes resulted by the AI Algorithm to detect face through voice, classified them with high correlation of the person’s face. For instance, in the gender, it has been reported that 94 percent in male or female estimates to have between the correct images and the restructuring of the speeches.


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