AI and IoT Join Forces to Preserve Water Bodies in India

By Srikanth
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Amid global water resource concerns, India’s Ministry of Science and Technology, through the Technology Development Board (TDB), is supporting Odisha-based Bariflo Labs Private Limited in their innovative project, “Development and Commercialization of the Intelligent Water Body Management System (IWMS)-TAMARA,” aimed at revitalizing water bodies and enhancing urban planning.


The TDB has allocated a substantial grant of Rs 89 lakhs for this initiative, which capitalizes on the synergy of robotics, the Internet of Things (IoT), and artificial intelligence (AI). The primary goal is to create an advanced system that not only monitors weather patterns and water quality but also carefully tracks oxygen and nutrient levels, creating a favorable habitat for aquatic life. This practical solution marks a significant stride toward more efficient and sustainable water body management.

A senior official from the Ministry stated that this AI and IoT-driven system is not limited to passive monitoring; it actively contributes to the improvement of water bodies.

“This comprehensive system comprises several pivotal components, each playing a crucial role. Take, for instance, the smart sediment aeration system, which deploys robotic systems to move diffuser aerators up and down in the water. This action enhances oxygen levels at the water’s bottom, and its effectiveness has been validated in both freshwater and saline environments.”

In the same way, the intelligent climate-driven water quality monitoring system moves through water bodies, conducting comprehensive assessments of water quality from surface to depth. It adheres to key parameters identified through computer simulations, enabling the regulation of nutrient levels and oxygen content. Additionally, a smart weed harvester system has been developed to efficiently remove unwanted aquatic vegetation. It incorporates various components for locating, extracting, pulverizing, and relocating these plants.

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