AI and IoT: the brain and the body

AI and IoT: the brain and the body

In today’s progressive world Artificial Intelligence offers us many dynamic options. Like AI offers us how to take smart decisions, effective planning, evaluating options, calculating possibilities and strategist but to do all these you need IoT. As we all have studied in Biology that all are organs are connected. In the same way AI and IoT are connected. You need all the organs to work smoothly.

We can say that AI is the brain and IoT is the body. It is IoT which sends the data to AI and thus it can take smart decisions. As our ears, eyes, nose, tongue and skin sends sensors to our brains and then we can get the information. Likewise, the Internet of Things collects these data and transmits to AI. For any business or any company to realize the full power of IoT they need to combine it with AI. The smart machines then only make smart decisions.

Let’s see what Iot and AI mean and how they are inter-related:AI and IoT: the brain and the body

  • IoT means a system of co-related physical objects, actuators, sensors, networks, people and platforms that have the capacity to transmit the data on their own. For example we use driver less cars, monitor the patients remotely, and also do precision agriculture. It is nothing but it collects information from the surroundings.

It is predicted by Gartner, that by the year 2020, there will be almost 20.8 billion connected things. There will be almost 50 billion devices. It is also analyzed in few of the studies that the healthcare IoT will worth $117 billion by the year 2020. It promises and brings us many better devices to make our lives smooth and these will help in making the business better.

  • AI is the brain that finally analyses the data collected by IoT. For example we use devices like Apple’s Siri, Amazon Alexa and also Google Home. These devices works with the help of AI. AI processes the data that is gathered by IoT.

Lets study the how IoT is implemented these days.

  • Connected operations: With sensible and connected warehouse operations, Amazon staffs now need not to wander in the warehouse choosing product off the shelves to fulfill associate degree order. Instead, shelves whisk down the aisles, guided by little robotic platforms that deliver the correct inventory to the correct place, avoiding collisions on the approach. These makes work for the workers easier as well as the order management becomes easier. It is a much safer and faster way to do the work.
  • Remote operations: Maersk an International shipping company manages its work by using AI and IoT. The shipping containers are enabled with sensors that monitor their location and whether or not they are full or empty—enabling the corporate to route them expeditiously to wherever they’ll next be required.

The system conjointly tracks temperature, greenhouse CO2 emission and also Oxygen levels within cold containers to take care of the products and the containers and build the delivery and this method is quicker. This IoT and AI offer chain strategy has thus have saved the business sector a $100 million. It is the best way of managing the products without the supervision of human.

  • Prediction analysis: Siemens, collaboration with the analytics firm Teradata, took on a project to demonstrate that high-speed rail. It will be offer effective than the airlines. The route is between Barcelona and Madrid. This train is ready to run at concerning two hundred miles per hour.  It really one of the best options available to any traveler. This will also have the method to analysis the weather conditions, the trains and the rail tracks also. It also promises an on time arrival for the passengers. Thus passengers are opting for this route and it is found that almost 60 percent of the travelers using flight prefer to take this route.
  • Preventive maintenance:  Enedis a French power supplier and producer use massive information and analytics to stop outages throughout its network. The number is more than 400,000 generators. It collects the Iot data from the sensors and the smart meters. It also combines the climatic conditions data and the historical impacts. This is need helping the industry.AI and IoT: the brain and the body

AI and IoT cannot work separately. They are inter-linked. Without the smart devices we will never get any smart machines. Have you ever thought how can come Apple’s Siri give you promote answers. While you are navigating or driving a car if you are using Google maps in your GPS or in your smart phones then you are using both AI and IoT.

In today’s market there are many smart devices which are not only used for the business purpose. They are also designed for the common users. People are willing to spend more on this technology as they can save time, energy and money. Smart devices of IoT are used in the educational sector, healthcare units, in human resource management, in companies and factories. It is found everywhere. Have you ever thought why people are using these?

An IoT device keeps a secured zone for the customers. If you are using smart devices at your home for monitoring the lighting, temperature and the sound then you are using AI also. How come the smart devices control the light according to the mood. IoT collects the data that you emit and then AI transforms it and delivers the results. It is amazing to see that these days’ patients can monitor their health for their homes.

They don’t require visiting the doctors placed quite often. They can use the smart devices to monitor their blood glucose level, pressure and other help conditions. The results that will be derived will be monitored by AI and it will show immediate results. You can also send the results to the doctors. This technology is helping us to bridge the gap that we still have.

AI and Iot works hand in hand. It is impossible to separate these two. It is crucial to get them connected. The connectivity is done by the Internet. So even if you are using the smart devices, it is absolutely implacable to use the Internet. If you lose connectivity then IoT and AI will never work out. That is the biggest challenge here. People are also scared to use these devices due to security reasons and data protection.

It is necessary for the data that is produced by IoT to be kept secured and protected. If the data of the customers are misused then it may result in data breaching. All the data that are produced of the customer should be kept highly confidential. If any kind of data breaching occurs due to AI and IoT then it may result in a million dollar lose. So it is important to keep it safe and secure.

Thus we see that, AI is the brain and IoT is the body that is indeed a true statement in today-s world. In any field you look out they are trying use them as it helps them to reduce error. It also reduces repetitive works for us. If you think that you can ignore these concepts then you are wrong as both are always with us.




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