AI and Machine Learning for small Businesses

AI and Machine Learning for small Businesses 1

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning have influenced lots of industries by changing the latest dimensions of the both the data and technology revolution. In the race of being coming on the top, firms believe that artificial intelligence and machine learning are magic wands which could transform any of the colossal data into the form of a decisions. There are many times, when some of the companies start their machine learning journey without having being the lucid things. In such a scenario, companies may not have specific key performance indicators (KPI’s) and simply drain research and development budgets.

Supervised Learning

Supervised learning comes into the picture when you have to give input variables and an output variables and an innovative algorithm is used to learn the mapping from the input to the output.

Unsupervised Learning

This type of learning is a black box where some of the certain variables are given as input with no target variables. One of the best advantage of unsupervised learning is that algorithms work via humongous data set and often find the relations and pattern.

Reinforcement Learning

Reinforcement learning is merely subjected to specific rules like in a game. There is an environment where the learning (game) takes place and in the end, there is a final victory which is going to take place. As soon as the algorithm run the code, they innately try different strategies and learn from their previous experience to maximize their output. Google Alpha is one of the best algorithm for reinforcement learning.

Deep Learning

Deep learning which can be used in all three types of machine learning but it has main advantage in the supervised learning. This technique utilizes artificial neural networks and is used in classifying objects which is totally based on their features. Say, for example, it can be used to categorize pictures different objects with high precision.


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