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AI Based Data-driven Predictive Analytics for Travel Industry - Riverum 1

The founder of Riverum, Mr Nitin Raj, is a man of experience and perseverance but most of all he’s a man of technology. With almost two decades of experience, Nitin Raj has showcased  impressive leadership skills in his career  at Yebhi, Fareportal and HCL, among others.  Nitin is overseeing Riverum as CEO and CMO with great finesse. Adept in technology-driven business, Nitin Raj is a growth hacker leading in digital marketing and digital transformation. 


Reason Behind the start of Riverum and why?

It was in  2021 that Riverum started. By then I’d gained significant experience in the industry and felt the time was right to venture into something of my own. In my years of work in the sector I realized the need for an efficient  tech-backed support system in  travel companies and identified common  pain points involved in establishing international markets; thus I launched Riverum with the purpose of empowering  travel companies with tech and enhanced marketing service. 

When did you think about such an idea?

It was during my initial stint in India after my work exposure in the international market that  I realized the market difference. The Indian market was sensitive, quite different from international ones where strategies for markets in the US or Europe for instance didn’t work. While tackling a change in approach  I also realized the importance of focussing on the tech perspective as much as the marketing perspective  for any company dealing with offshore establishments.

What kind of tech algorithm is involved in this and how does it work?

Riverum makes use of technology stack, combining various technologies  to provide a seamless customer experience and drive growth. Riverum’s tech algorithm has Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) as two key components.  We have advanced CRM built in-house and provides a centralized platform for team members to interact with customers. This allows us to leverage AI and ML capabilities to provide the best experience. Riverum’s tech stack includes chatbots, cloud-based service solutions, data-driven marketing and sales automation tools among others.

How Riverum’s technology is changing ecosystem for travel brands?

Riverum’s technology is revolutionizing the OTA  ecosystem by providing AI-based solutions at a dynamic pricing system. Our conversational chatbot enables businesses to automate customer interactions and enable quick and convenient info access.  Pretrained pricing models and pre-rollout tests in various locations  help businesses get the most out of their pricing strategies. Riverum offers machine learning-based recommendations and supports both content-based and collaborative filtering models. With powerful predictive analytics enables better targets for better campaigns and  better results. 

USP of Riverum’s 

I’d say, ‘USPs’ with the ‘s’ because here we brag multiple selling points. We’re especially known for maximized conversion rates for untouched leads and increased organic traffic and customer engagement for our partners. Mitigating risks in market expansion, tech-backed comprehensive market analysis and custom strategies at affordable price, providing plug and play services, solid partnerships with consolidators in the US and hyper specialized tech stack for clients are among  Riverum’s unique selling points.  

What kind of Leadership is required for any travel company?

You’d need a dynamic one for sure but I’d emphasize on two things here – people skill and technology.  I think it is crucial for leaders in  travel companies (or other sectors) to have people skills and technological inclination; leaders in the sector should be striving to harness the full power of disruptive techs in the industry. An ideal leadership would have not just business sense and thorough understanding of the market but also great communication and relations skills.

Few words about techiexpert

You know I’m a champion for tech in industry and I’d say TechiExpert is truly a great platform catering to  varied aspects of technology, and I’d like to say bravo to the team! I believe the platform has a deep content understanding of technology from a long run perspective and with knowledge and updates on AI,  big data, cloud computing and the likes, this a platform which will be beneficial for businesses and professionals for enhanced decision making. 

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