AI-Based Database and Issue e-Identification Numbers -Trueface

AI-Based Database and Issue e-Identification Numbers -Trueface 1

Computer Vision and Blockchain Network Start-Up Develops Blockchain and AI-based Missing Person’s Database and Issue e-Identification Numbers in Response to Loss of Traditional Documentation

What is the problem Trueface solves

Trueface is a computer vision company that uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to make environments safer and smarter through the responsible use of facial recognition, weapon detection and age verification.

AI-Based Database and Issue e-Identification Numbers -Trueface 2

Background of founders and what’s there journey

Trueface began as Chui, the world’s first smart doorbell, capable of identifying visitors. The founders pivoted the company in 2017 from focusing on hardware to software, eschewing the Chui name for Trueface in order to focus on on-premise deployments of computer vision solutions.

How did they start working on this idea & Motivation to productive?

In 2012 we made a prediction that the future of identifying people was through face recognition.  The motivation was to provide the world with technology that is personal, trustworthy and accessible. 

Explain about face-recognization &  computer our audience

Computer vision, which facial recognition is a subcategory of, works by teaching machines to identify patterns in the video feed and still images. These patterns include the entirety of what the camera sees: faces, objects, gait, animals, even freckles. In order to teach the computer to identify a specific pattern, we feed it and abundance of data of the identified pattern in question and the computer begins to learn what it’s “seeing”.

Security features involved with true face.

We ensure that all of our client data is stored on client infrastructure and never makes its way back to Trueface servers.  We do not share client data and ensure the biometric information that is collected is encrypted and stored as mathematical representations (not imagery). 

what’s their USP (unique selling point), Different from your competitors

Trueface differentiates from its competitors by offering only platform-agnostic on-premise solutions which increase data security and performance for our clients. Trueface also prioritizing diversity of its data collection ensuring performance for all ethnicities and genders.

Funding Details

$3.7M Seed round led by Lavrock Ventures, Scout Ventures, Advantage Ventures, Harvard Business Angels and 500 Startups.

User base they have achieved till now.

While most of our partner initiatives are currently confidential, we can disclose we are working with the Air Force to enhance their base security and operations with facial recognition and weapon detection. 

Road Map for Mobile Security features

Trueface continues to expand its computer vision solutions agnostic of platforms.  Mobile authentication is a big part of Trueface’s expansion plans across the globe with federated identities for specific industries.

Latest Press Release by Trueface

Trueface, a leader in computer vision technology, announced today a partnership with Bluestone Technology, Ltd., the leading blockchain network provider for the Caribbean, to launch a missing persons database and interactive platform leveraging the power of facial recognition in the wake of Hurricane Dorian.

In August, Hurricane Dorian devastated two major economic islands of The Bahamas, Grand Bahama Island & Abaco. Grand Bahama, at its peak had been roughly 80% covered in water while, Abaco has been 95% demolished. 4,303 people still have unknown statuses down from 7,2961. With this statistic, and personally living through the horror of not being able to find his own grandmother and other relatives, John Bridgewater, Co-Founder and CEO of Bluestone Technologies, a Bahamas based blockchain start-up, decided to create, a missing persons registry for The Bahamas. The FindMeBahamas platform is a part of a much wider platform focused on Caribbean countries, FindMeCaricom which includes, The Bahamas and 27 other Caribbean countries.

Through Trueface’s artificial intelligence, the FindMeBahamas & CARICOM platforms use facial recognition to match missing persons with those found. The platforms also give those reported missing a 6 digit unique ID number in an effort to provide a digital ID as a part of Bluestone’s, Caribbean blockchain network, Bluestone Network, a multi-layered blockchain network aimed at interoperable Caribbean social and financial inclusion.

“After living through and continuing to see the devastation of the detrimental wrath of Hurricane Dorian, we realized we wanted to use our ability to connect the countries of the Caribbean and provide a safe, interoperable space for families to find members after the natural disasters but also, in general,” said Bridgewater. “As we continue to recover from this natural disaster, the partnership between Trueface and Bluestone is giving the Caribbean community a platform to find their family members, as well as providing e-identification numbers after many have lost traditional documentation in the storm.”

After losing homes, cars and most worldly possessions, citizens of the countries devastated by the hurricane are finding themselves without traditional forms of identification. In response to this difficult issue, the platforms are providing e-identification numbers for citizens to use in lieu of traditional documentation to validate identification and access to government information, immigration capabilities and more.

“We are just starting to see the beginning of all of the possibilities and positive impacts facial recognition and computer vision technologies can play in the wake of disasters like Hurricane Dorian,” said Shaun Moore, Co-Founder and CEO of Trueface. “As we continue this partnership with Bluestone, we will be looking to expand these capabilities to other areas of the world that are suffering from the very same issues of loss of traditional forms of identification and inability to find missing persons.”

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