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AI-Based Decision making platform for supply chain Optimization - Locus 1

Background of Mohneesh what’s his journey been before and at Locus

Mohneesh started his career with Maruti Suzuki as a Product Manager managing a portfolio of Transmission Products. He then founded ZupZup, which leveraged AI/ML to manage risk & execute high-frequency trades in Indian Capital markets, and hackGST, where he built an AI-powered GST compliance engine that helps CA firms manage GST-related regulatory compliance for their customers.


His journey then led him to the role of Senior Product Manager at Accenture where he was managing Data Science Products and Data-driven Product Strategy including building conversational chatbots.

He then joined, a San Francisco-based Enterprise AI first product company that builds AI & ML products for Supply chain & Manufacturing operations, as the Head of Product Strategy & Management.

What was his struggle in the early days like?

Mohneesh joined Locus in Feb 2020, a month before the pandemic hit globally. In a matter of weeks, we witnessed global logistics and supply chain operations come to a standstill.

While some clients were scaling down operations, clients who are major players in the e-commerce and e-grocery segment saw a huge increase in demand and were unable to manage their operations and cater to their customer demands.

As the pandemic continued, our clients needed to fix their supply chain issues in order to keep the business functioning. Handling these demand surges posed  a major challenge which resulted in us investing all efforts into building capabilities that would help our existing clients manage and scale their operations in the Covid era with capabilities like contact-less deliveries, route planning in Covid containment zones, etc

Mohneesh channelized efforts to ensure on-time delivery of product functionalities to support customers. 

What is his role at Locus? What products has he built?

Mohneesh is the Senior Vice-President of Products at Locus and is responsible for all the product initiatives.
His primary responsibility includes effective organization alignment between sales teams and technology teams. Essentially, the goal is to ensure minimum gaps between what sales is selling and what technology teams are building.

To improve alignment, Mohneesh & his team do research-based requirement analysis, backlog management, product development & sales enablement.

Since last year, Mohneesh has been leading the efforts to platformize & expand the capabilities of DispatchIQ & TrackIQ (Locus’s flagship products). This platformization entails bundling DispatchIQ & TrackIQ with peripheral horizontal capabilities such as order management, contract management, Capacity Management, Delivery orchestration, etc. Platformization has enabled:

  • Increase in Average Contract Sizes
  • Unlocking of newer customer segments & Total Addressable Market by unblocking critical industry use-cases  
  • Improved adoption of products

Feedback of products that he has built from scratch or helped in enhancing at Locus

Platformization of Dispatch Management led to:

  • Faster integrations using a standardized data model & a unified interface to expedite customers onboarding & Time-to-value
  • A Learning System: Our system continuously learns from historic planning & execution data to find ways to improve operations efficiencies.
  • Enabling customers to automate workflows that take the most amount of time &  mindshare
  • Enterprise Readiness & adherence to regulatory requirements
  • Self Serve for faster configuration & shorter deployment cycles
  • Exhaustive thirdparty Integrations available as Value-add

What is the role of emerging technologies (AI, Data Analytics) in the supply chain?

Break functional silos to foster collaborative planning, execution & management among all functions of the supply chain. Planners should be able to assess how their actions are creating butterfly effects in the other part of the supply chain. This can be done by:

  • Integrating functional siloed systems spread across the supply chain
  • Building “What-if Simulations” & Trade-off analysis capabilities
  • Intelligent automation of high value and high-frequency decisions

Details of the new products that he may be working to build.

Locus NodeIQ (Network Optimization & Design Engine) is a supply chain decision-making platform that enables companies to perform end-to-end network and inventory optimization by leveraging the powers of artificial intelligence and machine learning across each step of the process. NodeIQ’s ability to simultaneously solve for flow & inventory level optimization allows it to unlock hidden supply chain costs and identify deep-lying operational inefficiencies.

  • NodeIQ leverages Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning at each step of the network optimization and design process
  • An intelligent data management layer on NodeIQ enables enterprises to handle large scale of data and uses deep science to detect anomalies while performing data sanitization & cleansing, making sure the most accurate input is considered for optimization activities
  • With NodeIQ, companies get to run a large set of simulations and perform what-if analysis on both the digital twin as well as the results of the study to get complete visibility on their supply chain’s long-term performance.
  • NodeIQ comes with a highly intuitive and user-friendly interface, enabling planners and leadership to seamlessly interact with the tool while performing network optimization, without having to go through multiple rows of data.

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