AI based deliveries are now in the market

AI based deliveries are now in the market 1

Food, groceries, bike and taxi deliveries can now be made using the help of Machine learning algorithms, that results in an accurate and safer way of deliveries. The algorithms take a person from a point A to a point B and help deliver anything in the intercity perimeter.

Dunzo, once a hyper local delivery app which was once failure now stands at a place of growth of around 7 million by the end of 2019, after seeing growth by 30 times in the past eighteen months. From just WhatsApp groups to carry out various handing-over jobs to building an AI to a betterment, this company has seen definite success in the field.

Basing in Bangalore, this Google-supported Startup has started to deliver all kinds of packages and groceries and has focussed on building a trustworthy platform on the app for better interaction with its users.

The app lets and investor display their products with the pricing on the app, where the users can choose and ask them to be delivered at their locations. Unlike other local delivery apps, Dunzo targets on all kinds of deliveries.

Like similar apps in the industry like swiggy, which has seen great development and growth since last December, this app also took a positive turn by creating faith in the customers on their investors, convincing them that the store is in the locality or the neighborhood of the customer.

Today, despite a lot of apps being shut down after futile attempts, some companies did stand still. Swiggy has created a creative interface using AI for its app, that leads to customers turning in quickly.

BigBasket, which delivers groceries also follows the same path and these are all the companies that now are successful. Also, as a report by market research firm Ken Research suggests, the hyper local delivery market in India is seen to grow to ₹2,306 crore by 2020. With AI assisting all these companies, the projections may just turn out to come true.

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