AI Based Robots to look out in 2018

AI Based Robots to look out in 2018 1

The world of artificial intelligence is taking new leaps every day. Experts are coming up with phenomenal outputs to make the world witness some enthralling wonders in artificial intelligence.

The sci-fi movies are no more just a fantasy. Scientist have put in so much efforts to make the best of robots or new gen-bots to solve so many purposes for human kind. We have obviously not reached the par where we are able to create perfect humanoid robots, but we are surely on our way towards it. We shall soon have humanoid robots that possess fundamental human qualities. Until then, here are a few robots that we have been able to create who are somewhat near to the goal.


This awesome humanoid robot was a creation of Boston Dynamics. It is insanely realistic robot. The sensors present inside it’s artificial skin is able to detect any chemicals that are oozing or leaking through the suit.  The suit is soon being expected to be worn by emergency workers.

It has stimulations of real world conditions including dramatic effects. It is one of the most amazing inventions. It is very very elastic which allows it to walk, bend and flex very comfortably.

  • Junko Chihira

A development of Toshiba, she is considered as the most agile robots in the world. With a very human like appearance, she is displayed at a tourist center in toyo’s waterfront. She is a trilingual bot who can greet you in Japanese, English and Chinese. Toshiba has incorporated it’s speech synthesis technology in her. Currently, the only way to get a response from her is through keyboard inputs.

  • The SCHAFT Bipedal Robot

It is a difficult task to give robots a human like way of walking. A unique thing about The SCHAFT Bipedal Robot is that it can perform duties that do not require a torso. It is a very sturdy robot which is already reaching heights by performing a lot of great tasks. not was introduced in 2016 as a bipedal robot. The machine is utterly efficient in terms of money, power and compatibility. It is aimed to aid the society. It is very compact and easy to carry.

  • Erica and Geminoid DK

Ishiguro’s brainchild Erica, is created with super- realistic humanoids. Apart from looking extremely human like, it can also naturally interact with the voice recognized humans.

It is inserted with almost 19 degrees of freedom, and can also express face gestures along with many other movements. Coming to another great invention of Ishiguro, that is Geminoid DK, it was launched in 2011, it looks like a real person to a great extent.

  • ATLAS Unplugged

It is claimed that it has the most-likely potential to destroy humanity. It is utterly energy efficient, almost rebuilt by DARPA, it has come out even more strong, energy efficient and dextrous.

This 6 feet bot can be quiet a nightmare because of it’s strength. It is capable of untethered communication.

Gladly, it has a kill switch equipped to it.

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