AI Could Change Healthcare as We Know It

AI Could Change Healthcare as We Know It

Recently, a lot of major discoveries and advancements were made with AI in the field of healthcare which not many might know about but these discoveries do lead us to believe that AI is soon going to change the face of healthcare and will create a lot of fortune too.

AI Robot passed the National Medical Examination

On November 6, 2017, an AI robot passed from China’s National Medical Licensing Examination with a score of 460, which was 100 points greater than the actual passing score of just 360. The robot called Xiaoyi was created by a Chinese technology called iFlytek along with Tsinghua University and an AI deep-learning algorithm was used in the robot so that it could organize the data from various medical textbooks, medical cases, clinical guidelines, etc.

While the company doesn’t plan to replace the human physicians with the robot version, they do plan to roll out the robots in 2018 to assist the physicians in order to boost their efficiency. This AI technology could be used in future to roll out more robots who could act as a general practitioner and could help in the improvement of cancer treatment.

AI Technology surpassed Human Radiologists in identifying Pneumonia

Another major breakthrough in the AI technology happened in the Stanford University where the researchers issued a paper to describe an AI algorithm named as CheXNet on 14th November 2017. According to the researchers at Stanford University, this algorithm could diagnose 14 medical cases by analyzing the chest’s frontal X-ray images and were found to perform better than radiologists at detecting pneumonia.

National Institutes of Health and Center released a public data set of numerous chest’s frontal X-ray images on 26th September 2017 where each of the X-ray view was marked with one of the 14 medical cases. Once this was out, the Stanford’s Machine Learning Group focused on advance AI algorithms to detect pneumonia as 1 million people in the US get hospitalized. The AI technology is quite impressive as it performed better at diagnosing pneumonia than a few of the top radiologists at Stanford.

Collaboration of companies to incorporate AI in medical health devices

On November 26, 2017, NVIDIA and the GE Healthcare notified everyone that a collaboration was forming between them to apply NVIDIA’s impressive AI technologies to the GE Healthcare’s medical devices. This is a great deal for healthcare field as GE Healthcare is known to own approximately 500,000 imaging medical instruments which are used all over the world and these medical instruments store a plethora of data which can be used and analyzed by the AI applications in order to boost healthcare.

In fact, the two companies have already rolled out their first collaborative project. This new system uses NVIDIA’s cutting AI technology to provide better results in kidney and liver abrasion detection.

All the above breakthroughs show a pattern and hint that AI is bound to change healthcare soon enough. AI will soon be used to transform the process of diagnosis and providing care and the AI technology is likely to change healthcare drastically in the future. With the amount of data that could be processed with the AI technology, one cannot possibly imagine how medicine and treatments will advance to the betterment of the people. AI is the future of healthcare and we are all waiting to witness it.

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