AI Could Replace 80 Percent of Human Jobs in ‘Next Few Years’, Expert Says

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Artificial intelligence is carrying the capability to make the replacement of human intervention in job particulars.  About 80% of human jobs in the coming years are in danger as per the reports of US-Brazilian researcher Ben Goertzel, who is a leading AI guru.


Mathematician, cognitive scientist and famed robot-creator Goertzel, 56, the founder and CEO of SingularityNET, made an announcement of a launch for the creation of Artificial General Intelligence which is also termed AGI — artificial intelligence with human cognitive abilities.

Last week, Web Summit in Rio de Janeiro was organized which came out as the biggest annual technology conference in which Goertzel told AFP that AGI is just years away. He also mentioned that the team of company is making active efforts in curbing artificial intelligence research.

Here some of the questions that come up into mind are mentioned here-

Is Artificial intelligence as smart as humans?

Q: How far do we stand from artificial intelligence with human cognitive abilities?

It was always been a desire to see machines become as reliable as people and to be as agile in dealing with the unknown. To achieve the circumstance, the training and programming of the intelligence have to be done in that way.

Is AI a risky part?

Q: Have you ever wondered about making a debate about AI such as ChatGPT and its risks containment? Pause of six-month should be taken for the research work, as some people are advocating?

In context to this concern, one should pause it because it’s like a dangerous superhuman AI. ChatGPT is one of the most interesting AI systems, but they do not carry the capability to become human like level general intelligence, as they can’t perform complex multi-stage reasoning. They can’t invent wild new things outside the scope of their training data.

They can be inclusive of misinformation and can create a problem. The same is performed by the internet. It is helpful in spreading more and more information among the people.

Threatening the jobs

Q: Isn’t scary to replace people from their jobs?

Artificial intelligence can probably obsolete 80% of jobs that are presently done by the people, without having an AGI. Not with ChatGPT but with systems of that nature, which are going to follow in the next few years.

It also acts as a benefit to the new generation. People can find better things to do with their life than work for a living. Every job that is inclusive of certain paperwork should be automatable.

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