AI-Enabled Deep-Tech Platform ‘HealthPresso’ Launched at APICON 2024

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AI-Enabled Deep-Tech Platform ‘HealthPresso’ Launched at APICON 2024 1

With the recent launch of HealthPresso at the APICON 2024 in New Delhi – a mega conference of eminent doctors from across India – medical professionals, research institutions, pharma industries, and brands got hands-on experience in using the platform that bridges the critical gap between media and health, aided by cutting edge tools in information technology.


The platform’s impact extends beyond content creation. HealthPresso utilizes deep learning technology to generate healthcare-specific content and deploys an automated distribution system to maximize reach. Furthermore, it amplifies the message through strategic social media channels.

For years, the healthcare industry has grappled with the daunting task of effectively bridging the gap between healthcare professionals and the public. Mr. Raj Shankar, Former Editor, The New Indian Express (Karnataka & Kerala), and a veteran healthcare journalist with over 40 years of experience, commented: “HealthPresso feels like the long-awaited answer. Throughout my career, I’ve witnessed the challenges faced by doctors in translating their invaluable knowledge into accessible content, while patients grapple with an abundance of misinformation. HealthPresso seems to be the game-changer we’ve all been waiting for.”

Daleep Manhas, Co-Founder & CEO of HealthPresso, highlighted the company’s vision, saying, “Our goal is to enable over million health providers to become expert health connectors, reaching out to 100 million health consumers with real, authentic health information.”

HealthPresso’s success wasn’t limited to enthusiastic testimonials. Nearly 200 doctors signed up on the platform within a single day at APICON. This overwhelming response highlights a critical need HealthPresso addresses of empowering doctors to reach patients in a scalable and impactful way.

“HealthPresso fills a crucial gap. We have so much knowledge to share, substantial research to disseminate, and crucial patient education to deliver, yet it often remains unheard. This platform offers a powerful channel to reach a wider audience with trustworthy information. It empowers doctors to establish deeper connections with their patients, fostering mutual understanding and trust,” stated Dr. Sameer Shah, a renowned Physician.

The value proposition resonates deeply not only with doctors, but also with healthcare and life science brands. At least ten major brands expressed keen interest in HealthPresso for their therapy-building initiatives.

A leading pharmaceutical thought leader, Atul Sharma, Founder & Managing Director HealthScape Business Solutions Pvt Limited, commented, “HealthPresso’s focus on verified, doctor-approved content aligns perfectly with our commitment to providing accurate and reliable information. This platform has the potential to be a game-changer in combating misinformation and empowering patients.

Dr. Swadeep Srivastava, Founder & Chief Belief Officer of HealthPresso, is enthusiastic about the platform’s potential. “HealthPresso,’ he says, ‘is committed to creating health connectors by empowering providers to build meaningful connections with patients and deliver genuine value. This bridges the gap in healthcare communication, fostering a paradigm shift. Doctors can establish deeper connections with their patients, leading to mutual understanding and trust.”

HealthPresso’s exceptional performance at APICON 2024 has also ignited interest among investors, signifying the commencement of an exciting journey to transform healthcare communication. With its unwavering dedication to providing trustworthy, doctor-backed information, HealthPresso is poised to empower both patients and healthcare professionals, thereby paving the way for a healthier future for all.

Medical professionals, who sometimes face a hurdle in effectively communicating to the public or to their peers, now have a new AI-enabled deep-technology platform to showcase their research, rare surgeries, and comments on current happenings – all with a few clicks.

Medical professionals can now effortlessly translate their insights into meticulously crafted professional documents, bearing their mark of expertise, with just a few prompts.

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