AI-Generated Book Scandal Hits Amazon, Sparks Outcry from Authors

By Sunil Sonkar
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AI-Generated Book Scandal Hits Amazon, Sparks Outcry from Authors

Writers globally are in disbelief as AI unlawfully duplicates their work, selling it on Amazon. Journalist Rory Cellan-Jones found a memoir he co-wrote on Amazon with an unfamiliar cover, leaving him baffled.


Upon closer examination, it became apparent that the contents of his memoir appeared to have been reworked by AI. While Amazon promptly removed the counterfeit biography and other pieces credited to the pseudonymous writer, worries emerged regarding the capability of the platform to identify and halt comparable AI-generated publications from evading its safeguards.

On a single day, the e-commerce platform saw the publication of fifteen AI-generated books credited to an author using the name ‘Steven Walryn.’ However, these books were later removed after several months. In another case, author Jane Friedman, known for her work on publishing, successfully persuaded Amazon to take down five fake titles falsely attributed to her and generated through AI.

The CEO of the Society of Authors (SoA), Nicola Solomon, voiced her concern. She said that Amazon seems to be grappling with the substantial challenges arising from the proliferation of AI-generated products on its platform, and she finds their response lacking.

Renowned authors such as Margaret Atwood, Viet Thanh Nguyen and Philip Pullman are also alarmed that their literary creations may be used to train AI models without their consent, acknowledgment or compensation.

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