AI has Power to Remodel Customer Support Journey

AI and customer

Artificial Intelligence is changing the way the world works. As per some of the world famous experts, AI is going to be an extremely important and useful invention. It has the power to transform the way every sphere of the world functions. Though, AI was majorly known to be beneficial only for the corporate or so, but now, it is used in some of the most interesting fields as well, like aeronautics, arts etc. But, one of the most noteworthy integration of AI is in the field of customer service!

How is AI benefiting the customer service industry?

AI is benefiting the vast customer service industry in a plenty of ways. Starting from helping the customer support team to speed up their performance, to helping them offer a better customer experience, AI is enabling the customer support reps in many ways. Starting from boosting their productivity to enabling the customer support reps take better decisions, there is a lot that AI has to offer to the customer support team.

How is AI helping the firms to transform a customer’s journey?

  • Boosted speed of replies

It is also seen the customer response time was boosted by more than 99% only with the implementation of AI. This is important as, the present day customers want round the clock support. Thus, integration of AI is helping the firms to offer continuous support to their customers. Also, with the proper use of AI, the complete customer service process has become a lot more powerful and speedy.

Earlier, it was observed that more than 75% of customers already think that it generally takes a lot of time to get in touch with a live agent. Therefore, by offering round the clock support to the clients with the help of the some of the latest AI-empowered tools, Software Application development companies sure win an extra edge over their competitors.

  • AI based agents are able to cater to more customers at a time

Mostly, customer service live chat agents are only able to handle one request at a time. However, when it comes to the AI based agents, or the tools, they have the caliber to cater to more than one query at a time. If a company uses the AI-driven live chats, in that case, they will not have to hire a lot of resources, plus, they will surely save time as well.

  • Understand the customer better

One of the other mega advantages of using AI powered devices in the field of customer service is the fact that they allow the firms to understand the customers in a much better way. With many useful AI based insights, it becomes easy to generate useful customer related reports.

All these customer insights eventually helps the firm to know more about their audience. And, only when a firm known maximum about its audience, it has the power remodel the complete customer support journey! In this era, it is utmost important for firms to take care of the complete journey of their customers.


Though, usage of AI based tools is fantastic, however, this may have its own implications as well. People may feel that AI based tools may not be able to impart a humanly touch to the conversations, but this is also changing with time. Also, whenever the query becomes a little intricate, AI based tools have the power to map it with the required information, and offer a perfect resolution to the customer after deep study of the situation. Therefore, use of AI is surely one of the most fantastic things, and it sure has the power to transform the customer service industry!

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