AI identifies bats that carry Nipah virus

AI identifies bats that carry Nipah virus 1

The recent explosion of study of one of the most dreadful virus in the world, ‘Nipah virus.’ This virus can now be identified with the help of artificial intelligence that helps in spotting the bats carrying the virus. Researchers of Kerala, India is now focusing on bats, which are the carrying host of this disease.

Researchers of Kerala had identified the presence of this disease in only one of well known Indian species of the fruit bats commonly known as ‘the Indian flying fox.’ Dr. P.O. Nameer, Head, Centre for Wildlife Studies, College of Forestry, Kerala

Agricultural University and a member of the research team declared that, according to their analysis, there are over eleven species of bats that are carrying this dreadful Nipah virus. Nipah virus should be protected by the further spreading expansion of this disease to other species of bats.

This was the main reason why the researchers have come up with the idea of identifying the host carrying bats with the help of artificial intelligence. This analysis came up with the conclusion that over 523 species of bats and 48 traits based on migration, geographical condition, reproduction, the type of food they take are the significant causes of this virus.

When the bats feed on the fruits, they contaminate the fruits and date palms. This has a full possibility of carrying this virus from one place to several other areas. This can also affect the animals that feed on the same food as pigs and monkeys. Domestic pigs were also identified as bridging host in a few other cases.

With the help of artificial intelligence, the bats carrying this disease can be identified and can be taken for treatment. It can probably help the virus from spreading from one species to another species and protects other animals.


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