AI, ML, Resurgence of Public Web Data in Decision Sciences

Karolis Didziulis at Coresignal is excited about using AI and ML with public web data to give businesses an edge.

By Sunil Sonkar
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AI, ML, Resurgence of Public Web Data in Decision Sciences

Coresignal product director Karolis Didziulis is excited about using cool tech like AI and ML with public web data to help businesses. It is like having champions working together, making decisions better and giving companies an advantage.


He states that data is highly important these days and it is just like oil. It helps in making decisions and bring new ideas in different industries. Public web data is like a secret treasure chest full of information about companies, jobs and other stuff. As the big data analytics market is expected to grow, the mix of AI and ML with public web data is becoming a reality.

Public web data has a lot of hidden power, and AI and ML are like superhero tech that can unlock it. These technologies change raw data into clever ideas that help businesses make better choices and be more creative.

When AI, ML and public web data work together, it is a big deal. It changes how businesses do things and compete by creating super-smart AI apps.

However, there are some challenges. Things like privacy, making sure data is right and being ethical are important worries. Using public web data has to be careful and respectful of people’s rights.

Tech innovations are like awesome gadgets that help solve these problems. Advanced algorithms, smart models and data validation technologies make sure public web data is used in a good and legal way.

Mixing public web data, AI and ML brings new possibilities, changing how things are done. Predictive analytics, with the help of public web data, makes AI predict things better and being innovative becomes like a real-time adventure.

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