AI-powered cybersecurity venture ThetaRay $30 Million

AI-powered cybersecurity venture ThetaRay $30 Million 1

ThetaRay is a well- known data analytics company based in Hod HaSharon, Israel has announced yesterday that they raised almost $30 million in funding round which was held by Jerusalem Venture Partner (JVP), Bank Hapoalim, OurCrowd, GE, SVB Investments and many others. All these companies gave $60 million during fundraising.

“This is the era of anti-social criminal activities and doing money manipulation is at the top, these are more popular way to raise your position, we are providing you the solution,” said Mark Gazit the CEO of ThetaRay in his statement. “The flow of information is growing in this digital time and no one is able to protect their information with artificial intelligence computer systems. So ThetaRay is providing you the most advanced and latest solutions to identify all the harmful subjects and threats before they can occur and create problems for your systems “.

ThetaRay is a company which uses artificial intelligence to help financial service providers, cybersecurity divisions and critical infrastructure from threats like money laundering programmes, manages risk and fraud. ThetaRay was founded in 2013. The professors like Amir Averbuch and Ronald Coifman of Tel-Aviv University and Yate University respectively hold on the unknown learning machine or multi-domain approach just for the collection of data to detect threats, reduce negativity and improving self-data service.

“Many of us believe that this world is full of bad things and happenings, so we want to give such machines to identify and vanish threats. As human beings are not totally enough to take care of all the data present but we are having ten years of research to detect such threats before they could harm your data and even if they enter your to harm we will provide you the machine to kill those threats” said Gazit.

ThetaRay runs a cloud and this cloud is able to inform you of any strange happens for example when you are checking an account holder in U.S and suddenly money withdraws from Mogadishu. ThetaRay is fully functional to detect 100 percent money laundering activities and also many cases of fraud ATM  pattern manipulation.

ThetaRay is also controlling cybersecurity for many power plants, banks and airlines. ThetaRay is planning to extend their roots to Europe, Asia, and the U.S so that many people and companies could take benefit from there service

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