AI-Powered Fitness Startups use Data Science

By Srikanth
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AI-Powered Fitness Startups use Data Science 1

With the releasing times and technologies, Artificial Intelligence brings upon the enhanced face of developed society. Artificial Intelligence brings the recent advancements especially in the startup space, where it lends its hands to the startups with tech-driven insights allowing them for better scaling. It further stretches its arms to help the startups increase their reach by enhancing the level of engagement with their customers. Due to the accessibility of fitness on their phone, citizens are curious to pay more owing to the number of features offered by an AI-driven platform. AI also plays a significant role in collecting accurate biometric data, sufficiently helping and understanding individual strengths and weaknesses of every customer.



HealthifyMe is a company that began with an app that tracks the users’ lifestyle, food habits and workout regimens. After gathering data on their customers for a very long time, HealthifyMe released a chatbot known as ‘Ria’ that allowed the company to increase the engagement of consumers on the platform. The bot, called Ria, was enabled to perform tasks that calculated daily calorie needs and predict healthy lifestyle suggestions.

The company’s bot is amongst the main draws boasting more engagement than human coaches. This started as a part of the paid users’ services, further becoming the crucial part of the app. Now, as the company is developing, the Bot, Ria, is set to be spun out as the only service, because of its feature to handle millions of queries in a day. It can also result to questions with an 80% accuracy, minimising the requirements for humans to step in.


This company chose Data Science and its functions, appealing the automation to strictly examine customer behaviour. On the basis of health data of the customer, GrowFit enables its users to specify and provides packaged meal services and diet tracking and recommendation services. GrowFit also allows its users to choose this it by easy manipulating their offerings accordingly.

The algorithms used by GrowFit enable them to examine segmentary users and also understand what kind of diet is suitable for an individual user, offering a level of customisation that has never been recognised in the past. The app performs functions to generate an automated diet chart depending on the habits of the customer. In addition to the nutrition advice and customised diet plans, the company also offers fresh and healthy high-quality food that aims at improving users’ health with dramatic measurable results.


GOQii is another major startup company that performs a preventive healthcare platform, that can automatically detect the food from the plate of the customer through image recognition. This model, known as Coach, allows the users to log their data in a user-friendly way while still maintaining their food habits. They also enable the users to communicate and connect with an AI-based system through a wearable.

While, they receive personalized suggestions regarding their food and exercise habits, it becomes easy for the customers to plan and spend accordingly. The use of AI also allows them to interact with trained coaches, and the company can scale larger with a smaller amount of coaches. Preventive health is also a huge interest taking application of AI, as the suggestions given by the model allow the company for accurate and useful health information.

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