AI-Powered Healthtech Startup Watch Your Health Raises $5M

By Sunil Sonkar
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AI-Powered Healthtech Startup Watch Your Health Raises $5 Million

Several startups are trying to revolutionize the healthtech sector and one notable name is Watch Your Health. It is an AI-powered B2B healthtech platform and lately has secured $5 million in funding. The fresh investment comes from early-growth stage venture capital firm Cornerstone Ventures and Singapore-based investment firm Conquest Global.


Watch Your Health was founded in 2015 and basically leverages AI-driven analytics to provide personalized health insights. It tries to empower individuals as well as organizations to manage their health. The new funding is believed to expand its operations and enhance its technological infrastructure as well. The startup will try to grow its user base in India as well as in foreign countries.

Co-founder Ratheesh Nair highlighted the company’s mission to transform health management through AI-driven insights and personalized care. He said that the focus is particularly timely as the global digital health market is growing at a rapid pace and projected to reach $509.2 billion by 2025.

Watch Your Health has the ability to integrate its services from multiple healthcare providers. It has partnered with Watania Takaful, Shalina Healthcare in the UAE and more such entities. The partnerships will enhance the capabilities of its platform and also provide a seamless experience to users in managing health and well-being.

The impact of technologies like Watch Your Health is not just limited to individual health management. Its intelligent algorithms improve persistence. It leads to underwritten premium discounts and help in lowering insurance claims.

The healthcare innovation landscape in India is growing at a fast pace. Its current opportunity is valued at $30 billion and expected to double by FY28. Watch Your Health is going to be a significant player with its various strategic plans.

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