AI-powered robot can spot Waldo in 4.5 seconds

A rubber-handed robot has proved that it is more than just a whiz at “Where’s Waldo” than most humans, and it’s been given the appropriate name which is with the “There’s Waldo.”

The hunting time period of a robot has been cut to 4.5 seconds — “better than most 5-year-olds” says the video’s rather harsh description.

It is created by one of the largest creative designer crea Redpepper, the little arm is controlled with the help of a Raspberry Pi. Matt Reed, Creative Technologist at Redpepper, trained Google’s AutoML Vision AI service to recognize Waldo with the help of using different set of images. The Raspberry Pi hovers over the photo, snaps and image, and the AI analyzes all the faces in the image. The robot than puts its finger on the face it’s with a percent of more than 95 certain is Waldo.

Taking away the image of Waldo, the robot is by itself of a nifty visual of the power and speed of the software which is equipped with the Artificial Intelligence facial recognition. If you want to see a good demonstration of how fast a well-trained AI can pick someone out of a crowd, then simply here you go.

Reed proposed an alternate use of the AI to The Verge: “Maybe a fun use would be seeing what cartoon character the AI thinks you look closest to? Maybe could detect comic book forgeries? And sure, why not? Though I know I’m a dead ringer for Rogue from the X-Men and no one will convince me otherwise”.

That is for sure that it will not affect the kid, but show me a child capable which is powered and supported by the AI Raspberry Pi rubber hand thingamajig.

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Written by Sony T

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