AI-powered Root Cause Analysis to Help Developers and QA


Applitools, the creator of Application Visual Management introduced the Artificial Intelligence-based automated root cause analysis tool for the QA and developers team for quickly finding bugs within the web applications.

Adam Carmi, CTO at Applitools told PR Newswire, “Root cause analysis for visual testing will significantly shorten the meantime for resolution of application bugs from hours down to minutes.”

The root cause analysis let the front-end developers and the QA teams to target the cause of bugs in application code in lesser time as compared to the traditional diagnosis practices.

With the help of root cause analysis, developers now won’t have to go through thousands of lines of CSS and DOM for finding the root cause, apart from finding it a few lines could also work. This increases productivity as the QA and developers team can function smoothly and deliver the product on time. It makes the process of bug fixing faster. It also saves the time of shift left testing, which is an approach to system testing and software testing.

The root cause analysis also shows up the visual difference between a baseline screenshot and a test screenshot. Applitools user interface vision control now includes both the CSS and DOM associated with each screenshot. It helps the development teams to experience the visual appearance of a web application and the changes made in CSS and DOM. The Applitools root cause analysis correlates the visual difference to CSS and DOM. The major advantage of the Applittols AI tool is that it shows only those DOM difference that can highlight the visual bug.

Root cause as of now is currently working with the Applittols SDK for the selenium Driver and C#, Java, JavaScript, Python and Ruby, StoryBook, Cypress and WebDriverIO.


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