AI-powered Startup Fanory Raises Bar for Creators with Assured Hourly Earnings

By Sunil Sonkar
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AI-powered Startup Fanory Raises Bar for Creators with Assured Hourly Earnings

Fanory, an AI startup, is changing how social media creators make money. Founded by the former head of Twitter India, Manish Maheshwar, the platform is not just promising, but delivering guaranteed hourly earnings for creators boasting over 100,000 followers.

Advertisement boldly states that its smart technology helps creators earn a good hourly income. To put it into perspective, an average creator with 100,000 followers can rake in an impressive $54 per hour. This figure surpasses the hourly earnings on other prominent platforms like Instagram ($22), Twitch ($16), YouTube ($15), and Spotify ($4), as proudly declared in the company’s recent statement. succeeds by using smart features like setting the right prices, making fans more visible, understanding content and helping with creation. By tapping into these capabilities, it claims to offer a monetization rate that outshines industry standards.

What makes the platform different is that it focuses on giving creators special and high-quality experiences to earn money from their followers. This new way also helps creators make more money, in addition to the usual methods like brand deals and ads. The company’s data reveals a stark reality in the creator landscape — 67% of creators currently earn less than $25,000 annually and a significant 25% make less than $1,000 a year. introduces a coin-based ecosystem to streamline transactions. SuperFans can effortlessly purchase these coins to support and engage with their favorite creators. Launched earlier this year, the platform has already attracted over 650 creators, with follower bases ranging from 100,000 to an impressive 10 million. Notable personalities onboard include Sangram Singh, Anveshi Jain, Nikki Tamboli, Shivin Narang and Neha Malik.

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