AI Role in Personalized Education and Its Impact

AI Role in Personalized Education and Its Impact dfvdf

AI is intervening lives in multifarious manner and people are getting first hand AI experience in various spaces and scenarios. AI has been employed in scenarios of training soldiers, so you could understand how widespread its usage is. However, beyond the military aspects, AI can transform human lives in matters far more impact than administrative ones. The ability of machines to learn, recognize, analyse and adjust patterns and their discrepancies power AI to be a wonderful guide for a field not yet touched upon-education.

Personalized education is no longer a phase in planning commissions of various nations but a reality staring at everyone. Each student can have his or her mini-curriculum depending on the particular abilities of the student and the specific interest the student harbours. But, the question that is glaring as of now is, how does AI impact this oft untouched field, especially when the schools are not yet equipped with such advanced technology.AI Role in Personalized Education and Its Impact

The ability of AI to power education

Personalized medicine is one of the visible impacts of AI. It is impossible to dedicate AI at university level since there is so much specialization already. But, during the formative years, the impact can be much greater since it is the period when the consciousness and psyche are developed of a child. So, once AI creates a proper profile of yours, it can then use the profile to guide you in life in terms of educational choices.

The linking of AI and psychology has made it possible, where AI is trying to reduce psychology into data and psychology is trying to understand the psychology of AI. In this hullabaloo, AI basically begins with creating a psychological profile of a person when given the data. Of course, it is never static. The change happens over time and adjusts according to the changes that occur in you. Hence, if it starts from a young age, it is possible to have a greater impact on education than ever before.

However, things are not as simple as counselling. Here, it is not about providing a decision regarding maths or humanities, which can be easily gauged even by her parents. Personalized education can tell you what specific area is of your liking and where does you success truly lie. It can also radically alter the idea of teaching itself. Teachers will become monitors who will monitor the data shifts of each student and hence, teachers need to become basic level data scientist in all probability. Surely, that will be fascinating prospect.

The concern as of now

However, AI is not omniscient. It decides on the given data and hence, it can make mistakes regarding the selection in particular. For example, if it decides that a student is not suited for higher level of mathematics due to an improper weight to a certain set of data. Someone who is brilliant in mathematics and excellent in drawing is asked to continue humanities, where he or she may feel misfit. These kinds of mistakes are entirely possible with AI. So, AI must be accommodative instead of boxing the data into various categories to counter this issue.

That brings the question to the complexity of human brain and it is needless to say that it is one of the most complex things that exist. So, understanding its mechanics require a good deal of time as well as evaluation procedure. Only when huge amount of decisions and their outcomes are studied can AI give satisfactory outcome of a human psychological structure and predict the best career more flawlessly.

The idea is still at the cold storage of computer science research labs and AI is spreading its wings across disciplines. The more such disciplines converse among each other through AI, the more it is possible to involve such complex areas into AI as other disciplines’ data patterns may help in this regard. Surely, once implemented, AI can produce fascinating insights of a person.


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