AI Startup and New Medical Centre Bring Remote Patient Monitoring to Puducherry

By Sunil Sonkar
2 Min Read
AI Startup and New Medical Centre Bring Remote Patient Monitoring to Puducherry

The New Medical Centre in Puducherry has joined forces with an AI startup to bring advanced remote patient monitoring to their non-ICU wards.


Thanks to a tech upgrade by Dozee, the hospital’s beds are now equipped with smart monitoring systems. These gadgets keep an eye on vital signs without any physical contact and helps in tracking as well as monitoring the health issues in patients in real-time like heart rate and oxygen levels.

If a patient’s health starts to go down, the system informs the doctors. This alert system helps doctors act quickly, making sure patients get the care they need right away.

This partnership is more than just cool tech. It is about offering better and more personalized healthcare. Residents of Puducherry can now rest assured knowing that their health is in good hands. The tech-savvy approach aligns with the hospital’s commitment to staying ahead in healthcare innovation. It is not just about treating illnesses. It is about preventing them too.

This teamwork shows that healthcare is changing. With technology and medicine coming together, it’s making healthcare easier to get and better. New Medical Centre is not just a hospital; it’s a place for up-to-date healthcare in the neighborhood.

So, here is to healthier days ahead, thanks to the perfect blend of medical expertise and cutting-edge technology at New Medical Centre. As they keep doing a great job, people in Puducherry can expect a future where their health is a top priority in new and improved healthcare ideas.

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