AI startup Hypertype bags €600k to supercharge customer support

By Sunil Sonkar
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AI startup Hypertype bags €600k to supercharge customer support

Female-founded customer communication automation startup Hypertype in Sweden has successfully secured €600,000 (£506,500) in a recent fundraising round led by Butterfly Ventures and Bust. The fresh capital highlights the growing confidence in AI-driven solutions in the world of customer care and sales processes.


Hypertype was founded by Teenie Fung and Beatrice Baltscheffsky in 2021 and has transitioned rapidly since then. It is now a formidable player in the martech industry. Its innovative AI service empowers customer support representatives and salespeople to automate and streamline communications. It helps in addressing a critical need in customer-facing roles.

Co-founder and CEO Teenie Fung said that the main strength of their startup lies in the unique information retrieval of the product. Incorporating company’s specific information and data to ensure quality of the text is not easy. Hence, combining information retrieval with qualitative text generation solves a major problem.

The Hypertype platform arrives at such a moment when businesses are increasingly looking for leveraging AI for greater efficiency and simultaneously maintaining a personalized touch. Hypertype stands out by integrating company-specific data. It delivers high-quality and contextually tailored communication.

The startup has quickly gained traction, attracting over 200 clients who have reported high satisfaction and low churn rates. An internal survey revealed that Hypertype significantly reduces response times by an average of seven minutes per interaction and enhances the quality and consistency of customer interactions.

Hypertype will be looking for expansion with the fresh capital. The funds will be used in ramping up marketing and sales efforts. The company will initially focus on the Nordic region before targeting the US market.

Tanya Horowitz, partner at lead investor Butterfly Ventures, expressed excitement and said they are excited to lead the financing round for Hypertype.

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