AI Startup Pivot Robots, Founded by CMU Alumni, Lands Funding from NuVentures

By Sunil Sonkar
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AI Startup Pivot Robots, Founded by CMU Alumni, Lands Funding from NuVentures

Innovation drives progress in this digital era and the spotlight now is on AI startup Pivot Robots. Its mission is to automate labor-intensive and hazardous task in the manufacturing sector. Lately, it has successfully secured funding from renowned early-stage investor NuVentures.


Pivot Robots has been founded by Siddharth Girdhar and Vignesh Rajmohan. Both are alumni of Carnegie Mellon University. They aim to revolutionize the manufacturing industry with the use of artificial intelligence (AI) through the startup. The AI vision control software will empower industrial robots to perform unparalleled precision and adaptability..

Investment by NuVentures highlights confidence in the potential of Pivot Robots. It will support technological innovation and simultaneously tap solutions to address crucial challenges in the manufacturing sector including labor shortages.

The founders hold experience in leading tech giants like Meta, Google and Uber. They bring with them a wealth of expertise in AI and robotics. Their partnership with NuVentures will provide financial backing and strategic support as well in customer acquisition and talent recruitment in India and the US.

The collaboration highlights a broader trend. It is the convergence of AI research from Carnegie Mellon University and other top institutions. This will pave the path for transformative applications in industry. NuVentures founder Venk Krishnan said that most AI innovations will emerge from the US and India.

Pivot Robots exemplifies how AI startups are reshaping traditional industries. It will streamline operations and elevate safety standards as well as efficiency too. It will set new benchmarks for future innovations in manufacturing.

It is true that the world is embracing technological evolutions. Amid such a scenario, the mission and innovation of Pivot Robots reminds that the future lies in the hands of visionary entrepreneurs. It also reminds the forward-thinking of investors who are accepting challenges and pushing boundaries to bring some change.

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