AI to help police unmask criminals

AI to help police unmask criminals 1

Police in the Uttar Pradesh will now be able to solve the cases faster with an application that has a database of the five lakh criminals as well as with the face recognition, Artificial Intelligence and a host of some other tech features, according to the report which has been revealed.

The AI has been named as ‘Trinetra’ or ‘Third Eye,’ as it was launched by the UP pOlice Chief OP Singh at a conference of the senior officer at the time of annual ‘police week’ celebrations in the Lucknow.

The database has been created after bringing together criminal records of the state police the prisons department, and the GRP that guards the railway network in the entire state.

Senior officials which are involved in developing the app said that the database would help the policeman on the ground by deploying the latest techniques like text search, face recognition, phonetic search, artificial intelligence, biometric record analysis, and the gang analysis to the “zero in on the criminal” in a quick and targeted manner.

“This app has a database of about 5 lakh criminals of the state, and it will provide access of crime files and dossiers to my officers and personnel on the ground in a seamless and reliable fashion. This app is aimed to help them crack a case fast and ensure relief and justice to crime victims,” Singh told .

Explaining the features, the official earlier said that the cop at the time of a crime can use the Artificial Intelligence tools to identify a criminal with their photographs and face, with past FIR’s where a person was named as an accused, explore some of the links of a criminal with any gang, voice samples, and scan fingerprints and can search the name of the criminal even if it is misspelled.

The app, at present, has been made available to senior police officers on their smartphones and will soon be shared with officials at the police station-level, the official said.

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