AI To Son Eliminate Majority Of Management Work By 2030

Gartner Inc, which is a market research firm has now predicted that the Artificial Intelligence will eliminate by 2030 as much as around 70% of the project management tasks that are handled manually via human being as a present.

AI will improve the outcomes of the tasks such as the analysis, reporting, data collection, which make up a large proportion of the portfolio and programme management discipline, the Gartner revealed in a report.

According to the research report of the Gartner Vice President Daniel, AI is soon likely to change how PPM leaders in the enterprise will use the technology to support their goals.

“Right now, the tools available to them do not meet the requirements of running a digital business,” Stang said.

The report also claims that as of now there is an absence of the digital platform, software or tool to manage the activities of PPM leaders such as software or tools that are expected to surface in 2019.

Explaining and describing how Artificial Intelligence will help improve these processes, Stang also revealed that the infusion of AI would help speed up the analysis, data collection and reporting processes and make them accurate.

“Using conversational AI and chatbots, PPM and programme management office (PMO) leaders can begin to use their voices to query a PPM software system and issue commands, rather than using their keyboard and mouse,” Stang said.

“As AI begins to take root in the PPM software market, those PMOs that choose to embrace the technology will see a reduction in the occurrence of unforeseen project issues and risks associated with human error.”

Gartner also revealed that while the first iterations of such software are going to focus on incremental changes to the user interface, later versions will also look at helping them take better decisions so that these leaders can easily become the better managers.


Written by Udit Agarwal

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