AI versus humanity: Who will win?

Do you think AI could beat humanity at its own game? It certainly hits the headlines a lot, with the latest development always offering a way to revolutionise the way we live. It’s time for a reality check.

In this guide, you’ll learn how technology is already assisting us and how AI is different from the rest: its ability to learn. It might be man-made, but it can operate in a way that’s based on how the human brain works.

Narrow AI is evident in Apple’s Siri, Tesla’s self-driving cars and Amazon’s shopping recommendations, where technology has been programmed to learn how to do specific activities and operate within that pre-defined range.

This type of technology is already impacting:

  • Businesses – providing research and supporting informed decision making
  • Healthcare – improving healthy lifestyles and assisting early diagnosis
  • Social habits – gaming and gambling technology has come on leaps and bounds

This is just a small selection of existing capabilities. What’s really exciting, though, is General AI, which can make decisions in entirely new situations, re-using knowledge as humans would do. What’s the potential of this technology? Take a look at this guide and find out more.


Written by Clay Morrison

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