Air India Closes Data Centers, Embraces Cloud

By Sunil Sonkar
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Air India Closes Data Centers, Embraces Cloud

Air India made a big announcement on Tuesday, revealing that it has moved all its computer work to the Cloud and closed down its data centers in New Delhi and Mumbai. This switch, supported by the Tata Group, is expected to save Air India $1 million every year.


The shift to Microsoft Azure was managed by Air India’s teams in Silicon Valley (USA), Gurugram, and Kochi (India). Chief Digital and Technology Officer, Satya Ramaswamy, stated that using the Cloud is not just about saving money to them, but it is a whole new way of thinking about computing.

This change involved moving computer tasks from lots of big machines, hundreds of servers and tons of data and equipment to the Cloud. The data centers that are now closed were crucial for coming up with new ideas and making things more automatic in different parts of Air India’s business.

Air India was one of the first airlines in the world to use really powerful computers and storage when computers were just starting.

Puneet Chandok, President at Microsoft India & South Asia, said, “Air India’s move to Microsoft Azure shows how strong and flexible the Microsoft Cloud is, and how it can help important players in the global airline industry like Air India.”

Since being taken over by the Tata Group last year, Air India is starting a big five-year plan to transform the airline. They are not just moving to the Cloud. They are also planning to add new and better experiences for customers and employees as well. These improvements will use the abilities of Cloud computing to analyze data and use artificial intelligence in their apps.

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