AirOk – India’s first locally developed smart air purifier in 2021

AirOk - India’s first locally developed smart air purifier in 2021 1

A Chennai- based start up AirOk Technologies has recently launched their very new range of smart air purifier and which is also India’s first locally developed air purifier ‘Vistar’ on Saturday.  This air purifier is equipped with touch sensor and Wi-Fi, the purifier has not only filtered the air with full efficiency but also the purification by this air purifier is done for much more longer time as compared to other purifier. This working process of purifier is very much goal oriented which is to provide clean air with less consumption of energy.

It was founded in 2014, the three alumni of IIT- Madras Deekshith Vara Prasad, Yasa Pavan Reddy and Sravan Krishna are the backbone of this start up. The whole team did ground reality test and development along with research for two years and then they come up with hexagonal dual stratified filtering technology, named  (EGAPA)  Efficient Granular Adsorbent Particulate Arrester, this will filter air from pollutants which will include air suspended particulate matter (SPM) that is up to 0.3 microns, this also have VOC’s, microbes, fungus, Pet Dander’s and even the gaseous substances can be filtered too with the help of this purifier.

The name of the purifier is ‘Vistar 550’ that can cover the area of 550 square feet which will not occupy a very large area at all so this will take small area to adjust and do it’s work with utmost efficiency and the air purifier is costing Rs. 20,000. The filter which this air purifier is using has the life of one year at least, and this is actually twice the life line of filter that we have already in market and these air purifier need to replace the filter only in 3 months or 4 months.

The validity of the purifier was tested at Shriram Institute for Industrial Research, Bangalore and the field trail was held by Children Specialty Hospital in Chennai.

AirOk got the seed fund of 5 lakhs from the Incubation Centre of IIT-Madras which help the air purifier or testing and validating the filter.

A Gurgoan- based SAR Group which is dedicated to make water purifiers under the brand of Livpure invested 12 crore in AirOk last year. AirOk licens

ed itself under the product of SAR Group which will be the retail distribution partner of AirOk.

This is able to manufacture 30 units in a day in current situation and they can manufacture 1,000 units without any major extra investment.

The case for AirOK purifiers AirOK dispatched Vistar 550, a keen air purifier for the B2B fragment, in July 2018. Utilizing proficient granular retentive particulate arrester (EGAPA), the purifier can sift through particulate matter, organisms, parasite, and vaporous substances (carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, sulfur dioxide). The organizers guarantee this is the solitary purifier at present fit for separating this mix of poisons. Vistar 550 covers a territory of 550 square feet, yet AirOK additionally gives modified answers for bigger spaces. Vistar has a perfect air conveyance rate (CADR) of 480 m3 each hour, which is 10% more than the air purifiers accessible on the lookout. The channel can keep going for one year instead of business purifiers where HEPA channels must be supplanted double a year. 

A pilot trial of this purifier was done at Child Trust Hospital in Nungambakkam. “It was proficient in eliminating air-borne microbes in the pediatric emergency unit,” medical clinic affirmed. In the wake of testing the item with Shriram Institute for Industrial Research, Bengaluru, the item was prepared for dispatch. Not long before dispatch, AirOK was drawn closer by Doordarshan Kendra, Chennai, to help tackle contamination in the worker room. Presently, AirOK’s air purifier has rehash orders from Doordarshan. 

A local startup The Environmental Engineering Department at IIT-Madras was the ideation ground for the three organizers. The threesome was chipping away at various activities, all identified with air contamination.

“When taking a gander at answers for air contamination control innovations, we needed to create one innovation to counter all poisons,” Deekshit says. Sravan’s lord’s venture was formed into a model, which was affirmed by the IIT-Madras Incubation Cell for improvement as an item. The authors created three models in year and a half and the IIT-Madras brooding cell contributed Rs 5 lakh as seed reserve and evaluated the advancement made.

At the point when the triplet had the option to build up a model utilizing the seed cash, the hatching cell assisted the startup with getting a credit of Rs 30 lakh at a low pace of revenue from the IIT-M Alumni Fund. Deekshit, Pavan and Sravan created business models utilizing that cash. “Manufacture of the plan was the greatest test,” Deekshit says. Sravan, who drives R&D endeavors, thought of a remarkable sensor-based plan to survey contamination levels in a hurry.

The sensor turns the gadget on or off, contingent on the contamination level. The purifier has a roundabout shape, empowering 360-degree inclusion. Work on the startup started in April 2015 with a bold dream: making the world’s air liberated from poisons and toxins. Deekshit started work on the startup subsequent to working in an Indo-German venture on air contamination innovations.

The market and future A report by statistical surveying firm ReportLinker states that rising discretionary cashflow, improving way of life, and demolishing air contamination are driving business sector development for air purifiers. “Developing reasonableness, rising cleanliness concerns, the desire to lead a sound way of life, and fast decrease in costs of air purifiers will additionally support the development of the market,” the report says. As per a TechSci Research report, India Air Purifiers Market By Filter Type, By End User Sector, By Region and By Company Forecast and Opportunities, 2011-2021.

the market for air purifiers in India is gauge to reach $209 million by 2021, because of rising mindfulness about the effect of indoor and open air contamination on human wellbeing and developing buyer mindfulness. Air purifier deals are required to develop at 24% somewhere in the range of 2018 and 2024, as per Bluewave Consulting. Amazon India began conveying air purifiers online in 2015.

Brands working in the Indian market incorporate Honeywell, Philips, Kent, LG, Sharp, Hindustan Unilever, Havells, Mi, and Usha Shriram. Local brands incorporate Crusaders, Dyson, and Purita. Be that as it may, every one of them use HEPA channels rather than AirOK. As of now, various items to handle air contamination are being tried in the AirOK lab.

The startup expects to turn into the one-stop answer for all air contamination related items grew natively, and the prime supporters are pursuing their fabulous vision of putting a monster air purifier in broad daylight spaces in India – something effectively set up in China. “Our main goal is to help individuals counter air contamination and lead a contamination free life,” Deekshit says.

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